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GD, ND, WI Classes

Approved Core Courses

The following courses have been approved to fulfull Writing Intensive, Global Diversity, and National Diversity core class requirements. (Updated October 2015)

Writing Intensive (WI) Courses

ANZ 309 Reserach Methods
ANZ 441 Domestic Animal Behavior
BA 377 Small Business Management
BA 392 International Business
BA 406 Auditing II
BI 311 Ecology
BI 315 Physiological Ecology
BI 330 Molecular Biology
BI 370 Evolutionary Analysis
BI 477 Biology Thesis Writing
CH 412 Integrated Lab II
CH 477 Chemistry Thesis Writing
CO 279 Arts Journalism: Writing About Movies
CO 306 / ENWR 306 Writing for the Media
CO 426-427 Prospector Internship
CS 230 Software Engineering
CS/MA 342 Numerical Computing and Visualization
ED 102 Foundations of Education
ENLE 200 Literary Studies
ENLT 216 Introduction to Literature (varying subjects)
ENLT 383 Literature of Modern and Postmodern Ages
ENWR 264 Introduction to Creative Writing
ENWR 302 Expository Writing
ENWR 303 Grant Writing
ENWR 337 Creative Writing Genres: Nature Writing
ENWR 301 Business Writing
ENWR 305 Technical Writing
ENWR 306 See CO 306
ENWR 347 Imaginative Writing
ENWR 461 Advanced Creative Writing
ENWR 498 English Capstone Workshop
ENGR 307 Fluid Mechanics
ES 495 Environmental Studies Seminar
FR 301 Literature francophone du Maghreb
FR 302 French Literature through the 18th Century
FR 401 French Literature through the 19th Century
FR 402 French Literatue of the 20th Century
FR 403 Le francais en action
FR 404 Le Conte francais
HI 303 Renaissance History
HI 307 The Cold War
HI 314 History of Modern France
HI 316 History of Modern Germany
HI 494 Historiography
HNR 250 Judeo-Christian Thought
HPE 405 Senior Seminar in Health and Physical Education
HS 307 Evidence Based Research Methods
HS 405 Senior Seminar
IR 495 International Relations Research Seminar
MA 341 Probability and Statistics
MA 342 Numerical Computing and Visualization
NU 307 Nursing Research
PH 405 Senior Seminar
PHIL 256 Social and Political Philosophies
PHIL 324 Ethical Theory
PO 205 Early Modern Political Thought
PO 494 Research Seminar
PO 495 Senior Seminar
PSY 309 Research Methods
SO 495 Senior Seminar in Sociology
SP 306 Spanish Morphology and Syntax
TH 231 Introduction to the Old Testament
TH 236 Introduction to the New Testament
TH 495 Theology Seminar
THT 318/319 Theatre History 1/Theatre History 2
THT 426 Survey of Drama 

Global Diversity (GD) Courses

Please Note: Study Abroad experiences where academic credit is involved typically count for GD credit; please check with the registrar or the Global Education office.

All foreign language courses (classical and modern) are available for GD credit; some may also be available for ND credit (but note: the same course cannot satisfy both GD and ND requirements; if you choose a course that is available for GD OR ND credit, notify the professor at the beginning of the semester which requirement you are working toward).

AN 204 Cultural Anthropology
AN 318 North American Archaeology
BA 392 International Business
BA 393 India: Socio-Economic Issues
BA 395 Business Study Abroad
BA 401 International Marketing
CO 325 Intercultural Communication (either GD or ND)
CO 420 Globalization, Gender, and Communication
ENGR 326 Energy and the Environment
ENGR 389G Special Topics
ENGR 395 Spanning the Ages
ENLT 306 Revising Classics
ENLT 334 World Literature
ENLT 389G Special Topics
ENLT 489G Speical Topics
ES 300G Environmental Field Study
FR 101-102 Elementary French
FR 203-204 Intermediate French
FR 250 French Immersion Abroad
FR 301 Francophone Literature 
FR 302 French Literature through the Eighteenth Century
FR 303 Advanced Grammar and Composition
FR 304 FR & Francophone Civilization and Culture
FR 350 French Immersion Abroad
FR 401 Nineteenth-century French Literature
FR 402 Twentieth-century French Literature
FR 404 The French Short Story
FR 423 Francophone Feminisms
FR 433 Visual Arts in the Francophone 
FR 450 French Nationalism
GK 201 Ancient Greek
HI 241 Modern Middle Eastern History
HI 251 Introduction to East Asia
HI 271 History of Modern Latin America
HI 289G Special Topics
HI 291 Modern African History
HI 389G Special Topics
HS 335G Health Policy, Management and Issues: National and Global Perspectives (either GD or ND)
HS 389G One Healtrh & Infectious Diseases
ILC 389C World Cinema
LA 101-102 Introductory Latin
LA 203-204 Intermediate Latin
LL 220 Introduction to Linguistics (either GD or ND)
MLAS 200 Gateway Course in Latin American Studies
PH 330 Community Health Methods (either GD or ND)
PHIL 203 Islam: Philosophy and Culture
PHIL 223 Asian Philosophy
PO 102 Introduction to Comparative Politics
PO 115 Introduction to International Relations
PO 241 Democracy and Autocracy
PO 342 War and Peace
PO 348 International Negotiation Simulation
SA 250 Service Learning Abroad
SA 425 International Internship
SO 204 Cultural Anthropology
SO 314 Sociology of Law
SO 318 North American Archaeology
SP 101 and 102 Acquisition of Spanish I and II (either GD or ND)
SP 203 and 204 Acquisition of Spanish III and IV (either GD or ND)
SP 301 and 302 Spanish Conversation (either GD or ND)
SP 303 Spanish and Latin American Civilization and Culture
SP 304 Spanish and Latin American Literature
SP 305 Spanish Reading and Writing
SP 320 Spanish for the Professions
SP 401 Topics in Spanish Culture
SP 403 and 404 Latin American Literature and Culture (either GD or ND)
SP 410G Topics: Spanish/Latin American Film
TH 211 Comparative Religion
TH 264 Theologies of Liberation
TH 289G Special Topics

National Diversity (ND) Courses

(Note: the same course cannot satisfy both ND and GD requirements; if you are taking a course available for both ND and GD credit, notify the professor at the beginning of the semester which requirement you are working toward.)

AN: See SO/AN below
AS 107 American Indian Astronomy and Star Lore
BA/EC 393: The Socio-economic Impact of Gender: India (either ND or GD)
CO/GNDR 280 Gender Communication
CO 325 Intercultural Communication (either ND or GD)
ENLT 215/216N Introduction to Literature (various subjects)
ENLT 393 The Jazz Age and the Harlem Renaissance
ENLT/GNDR 410 Women's Literature
ENLT 411 African American Literature
ENLT 412 Native American Authors
GNDR 206 Perspectives on Gender
HI 121 History of the United States (fall semester only)
HS 335: Health Policy, Management and Issues: National and Global Perspectives (either ND or GD)
LL 220 Introduction to Linguistics (either ND or GD)
NU 414 Community Health Nursing
PH 330 Public Health Methods (either ND or GD)
PO 119 City Politics
PO 321 Citizenship: Think Global, Act Local
PSY/SO 216 Social Psychology
SO 102 Introductory Field Service in Sociology
SO 200 Social Problems
SO/AN 208 The Family
SO 215 Contemporary Issues in Rural and Urban Sociology: The Effects of Globalization on Rural Life
SO/AN 218 Introduction to Native American Studies
SO 230 Social Movements and Collective Action
SO 309 Crime and Criminology
SO 310 Field Service in Criminology
SO 312 Juvenile Delinquency and Deviant Behavior
SO 313 Field Service in Juvenile Delinquency
SO/AN 317 Ethnic and Racial Relations
SO 351 Medical Sociology
SO 352 Field Service in Medical Sociology
SP 101 and 102 Acquisition of Spanish I and II (either ND or GD)
SP 203 and 204 Acquisition of Spanish IIi and IV (either ND or GD)
SP 301 and 302  Spanish Conversation (either ND or GD)
SP 403 and 404  Culture and Literature of Latin America (either ND or GD)