Annual Report

2019-2020 Annual Report

Mike McMahonA mentor of mine once offered me some wisdom, which I have recently heard from others as well. My mentor would say that people live from one of two basic attitudes. The first was called the attitude of scarcity. When locked in this outlook, persons become fixated on what they do not have. They look around and see a lack, and thus focus on those aspects of their lives that are hard and difficult and challenging. The fruit of this perspective is resentment; persons with this attitude are robbed of joy, and develop bitterness toward others and toward the world. Moreover, because they believe they have not received, they believe they have little to give.

In contrast, the other mindset can be called an attitude of abundance. From this attitude, persons recognize that they are profoundly blessed. They look at their lives and the world and see the good to be found there. Even in the midst of trial, when facing some serious difficulty, these persons focus on the aspects of their lives that are going well, rather than merely that which is not. The fruit of the attitude of abundance is gratitude. They live with profound joy, even when life is hard. So grateful are these persons for the blessings they have received, they recognize, in turn, they too should be generous.

I suppose that all of us are moved toward one or the other of these attitudes at various times, based upon the circumstances of our lives. Yet especially in 2020, those who practiced an attitude of abundance, and thus lived from gratitude, merit particular recognition. This annual report describes, among other things, the many incredible donors who chose to support Carroll College through June 30th of 2020, even as the world became immersed in a global pandemic. Those who chose to give, especially those who did so in the midst of the pandemic, profoundly testified to an attitude of abundance.

On behalf of all of us here at Carroll College, thank you. Thank you for demonstrating gratitude and generosity, even when the temptation to focus on your own challenges and those of the world was very great.

Thanks to your generosity, in fiscal year 2020, donors to Carroll College funded 477 students with $2,651,901 in scholarships.

So many donors support Carroll College each year that printing the full list in an annual report is simply not practical. No matter what size the gift might represent, or to what cause, every gift is sincerely appreciated. To ensure that every donor is recognized for their generosity, a full list of every single donor can be found online at

In keeping with our format from last year, you will find that we have highlighted a few lists of donors that bear special significance. One is our Grateful Saints, who represent the graduating seniors who offered their first gift back to Carroll College. These students, who graduated at the onset of the pandemic, deserve special recognition. How proud we are of our students, who gave back to their alma mater, and demonstrated an attitude of abundance.

Additionally, you will find a listing of our Legacy Society. This list includes those generous benefactors who have conveyed to us that we are included in their estate intentions, which presents many with an opportunity to make their greatest gift. We pray that you will contact us if you would like to know more about estates and planned giving.

Also, please find our 1909 Society, which lists those whose lifetime support merits particular recognition, and the St. Charles Borromeo Guild donors, who have reached the leadership level of annual giving.

May those listed here inspire all of us to live, just a bit more fully, from an attitude of abundance. Please enjoy this year’s annual report.

Michael McMahon ‘04
Vice President for Student Engagement and Mission Integration