CS Degree Requirements

Computer Science Major Requirements

Major in Computer Science (CS)
The primary Computer Science degree option, it is recommended for those who intend to pursue graduate studies in Computer Science, or wish to obtain employment in computer science related fields such as software development, network and security technologies, or as a database developer. It emphasizes both the theory and practice of Computer Science and can be customized to a student’s interest by following section II below. 

I. Computer Science Program Requirements

  • CS 110   Introduction to Programming with Java
  • CS 120   Data Structures and Program Design
  • CS 202   Web Development
  • CS 230   Software Engineering
  • CS 251   Introduction to Linux/Unix
  • CS 310   Database Design
  • CS 330   Network Technologies or CS 410 Operating Systems
  • CS 430   Senior Project or CS 499 Senior Honors Thesis
  • CS 495 Computer Science Seminar

Nineteen credits from the list below OR any Carroll minor or certificate plus courses from the list below totaling 19 credits. (Common minors and certificates include Math, Project Management, Geographical Information Systems, Business and Web Development, but could be from any discipline.)

  • CS 220    Programming in Excel
  • CS 289    Special Topics in Computer Science
  • CS 311    Database Project
  • CS 330    Network Technologies (if not used in the section above)
  • CS 389    Special Topics in Computer Science
  • CS/MA 403 Cryptography
  • CS 410    Operating Systems (if not use in the section above)
  • CS 421     Cyber Security

II. Other Program Requirements

  • CO 206   Small Group Communications or PSY 200 Emotional Intelligence or CO 275 Conflict Management 
  • MA 131   Calculus of Single Variable Functions or MA 121  Differential and Integral Calculus (MA 122 is also recommended for graduate school)
  • MA 315   Probability and Statistics 
  • MA 328   Discrete Mathematics I
  • PHYS 155 Robots and Experimental Physics

III. Core Requirements 
We recommend the following:

Fine Arts Core

  • ART 113 Digital Photography (3 credits)

Philosophy Core (6 credits)

  • PHIL 107 Ethics (3 credits) or
  • PHIL 207 Business Ethics (3 credits) or 
  • PHIL 113 Formal Logic (3 credits)

Social Science Core (6 credits)  Take PSY 200 and one of the other four courses listed.

  • PSY 200 Emotional Intelligence 
  • PSY 240 Social Psychology: Social Affect and Cognition
  • PSY 241 Social Psychology: Social Behavior (ND) (3 credits)
  • PO 328 The Developing World (3 credits)
  • PO 330 Green Political Thought (3 credits)

(These courses include a look at the impact of many factors, including technology, on the current world)

Science Core

  • Met by required PHYS 155 Robots and Experimental Physics

Math Core

  • Met by required MA 328 Discrete Math

Students also need to take: LAS 101, TH 101, CO 101, and ENWR 102, plus History, Literature, and Theology courses. Global Diversity (GD) and National Diversity (ND) courses may be taken separately or combined with the above class requirements.

V. General Electives (fifteen to seventeen credits to fulfill 122 total credit requirement)
We recommend: CS 287 Student Topics (1 credit), repeatable.

Computer Science Minor Requirements

Minor Program Requirements

25 credits in Computer Science (not including CS 130) including:

  • CS 110   Introduction to Computer Science and Java Programming
  • CS 310   Database Design & Implementation I
  • CS 330   Computer Networking I or CS 410   Operating Systems

Curriculum in Computer Science for the Associate of Arts Degree

Computer Science Course Requirements: Completion of the requirements for the minor in Computer Science.