Degree Requirements

Major in Classical Studies

I. Major Program Requirements

Thirty-nine semester credits, including:

  • HI 239 History of the Ancient Mediterranean (3 credits)

Majors must demonstrate an understanding of interdisciplinary approaches to the field by taking at least one course from each of the following three categories:

Classical Culture and its Reception (3 credits)

  • HI 204 Medieval History
  • TH 236 Introduction to the New Testament
  • TH 341 History of Christian Thought I
  • TH 342 History of Christian Thought II

Classical Philosophy (3 credits)

  • PHIL 200 Ancient Philosophy
  • PHIL 202 Medieval Philosophy
  • PO 330 Topics in Political Theory
  • PO 331 Classical Political Thought

Classical Art and Literature (3 credits)

  • ART 120, 121 Art History
  • LL 220 Introduction to Linguistics
  • ENLT 215/216 Survey of Classical Literature
  • ENLT 416 Myth in Literature

Majors must also demonstrate competency in one classical language through the intermediate level and a second language, either classical or romance, also through the intermediate level (24 credits).

  • LA 101-102 Introductory Latin and LA 203-204 Intermediate Latin
  • OR GK 201-202 Introductory Greek and GK 301-302 Intermediate Greek
  • FR 101-102 Elementary French and FR 203-204 Intermediate French
  • OR SP 101-102 Acquisition of Spanish I and II and SP 203-204 Acquisition of Spanish III and IV

Majors will complete a capstone research project, pending approval of the director of Classical Studies

  • CLST 485 Independent Study or CLST 499 Honors Thesis

Minor in Classical Studies

II. Minor Program Requirements

Twenty-one semester credits, including the following:

  • HI 239 History of the Ancient Mediterranean (3 credits)

Two courses selected from the three thematic categories above: Classical Culture and its Reception, Classical Philosophy, and Classical Art and Literature.

Competency in at least one classical language to through the intermediate level:

  • LA 101 and 102 Introductory Latin
  • LA 203 and 204 Intermediate Latin


  • GK 201 and 202 Introductory Greek
  • GK 301 and 302 Intermediate Greek

The introductory course (two semesters) in the other classical language 12 credits from the courses listed under "Other Program Requirements" for the Classical Studies major.