Cheese - Adopted

Cheese is an energetic 1-year-old Pit Bull/Bull Terrier mix who is deaf. She came into the Anthrozoology program with her buddy Mac, making them the Mac & Cheese duo. Some of her favorite things to do are crawl across the ground, chase leaves, eat cream cheese, play tug-o-war, go on long walks, and give kisses. Cheese is always happy to see everyone and loves leaning into people during pets! Her training this semester consisted of basic obedience: sit, stay, down, loose leash walking, greeting, back up, and more. She also learned to weave through cones, jump through a hoop, crawl on cue, and stand like a statue on food bowls! We use visual cues with our hands during training, rather than verbal commands. Next semester, we look forward to learning scent work. Because she has so much energy, we will be looking for a home that has no little kids, an active home, and a fenced in yard. You can keep up on our progress through Instagram (@whitecheddar_cheese) and Facebook (

Student Handler