Visual Identity Guide

Carroll’s visual identity supports the Carroll image and messaging through consistent, professional, and engaging communications that are readily recognized as Carroll products, impress quality and competence, and embody Carroll values. The appropriate use of logos, colors, fonts and motto establishes our visual identity and enhances the effectiveness the message. Adhering to quality design standards and thoughtful graphic and photo use strengthens public and private perception of Carroll as a high-quality institution. All communications, whether print or electronic, should be readily recognized as a product of Carroll and should impart the Carroll messages defined in the previous section.


All primary and sub-brand marks may only be displayed in one of three colors: white, black or Pantone 2695. Carroll's secondary accent color is Pantone 110. The Anthrozoology mark is a two-color logo in both Pantone 2695 and Pantone 110.


Athletic marks may only be displayed in one of four colors: white, black, Pantone 2685 and Pantone 7502. Acceptable combinations may be found in the Athletic Style Guide.



Along with logos and colors, we employ specific fonts to create easily recognized communications. Carroll’s primary serif font is Palatino and primary san serif font is Helvetica. 

Fonts used for the Moments Make Us enrollment campaign and for Carroll Athletics branding may only be used by special permission from the Marketing and Communications office.

Motto: Non scholae, sed vitae—Not for school, but for life.

The college motto, in Latin, is “Non scholae, sed vitae.” We translate this into English as “Not for school, but for life.” Always use the entire motto, in either language, and the capitalization and punctuation as noted. When giving both the Latin and English versions of the motto, use the following format: “Non scholae, sed vitae—Not for school, but for life.” Note that the dash after “vitae” is an em dash with no space on either side of the dash.


Choose photographs for your Carroll communications that enforce the themes outlined in the Understanding the Brand section of this guide.

Photos of Carroll students, faculty, and staff; academic, student life and athletic activities; campus beauty; and campus events may be found on the Marketing Google drive.

Good Advice:

  • In general, avoid photos that show people from behind or people eating or drinking and photos with poor lighting. Seek active and spontaneous rather than posed shots. Do not use stock photography.
  • Always choose a version of a photo or graphic that is of high enough resolution for your chosen publishing medium. For clear viewing, printed material may require up to 300 dpi at full size, and web materials require 72 ppi at full size.
  • If you use photos other than those published for use on the Marketing Google drive, you must acquire necessary photographer and model permissions before publishing photographs. Conform to Carroll photography policies and obey intellectual property laws. The Marketing and Communications Office has a library of high-quality photographs available for your use.


Find more resources on our Style Guide Resources page.


Questions?  in the Marketing and Communications office.