Understanding Carroll's Brand

Carroll's brand is rooted in the mission, values and history of the college and is evident in the sucessful outcomes of Carroll programs, shared by students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Carroll's Motto: Non scholae, sed vitae—Not for school, but for life.

Image of Carroll College MottoThe motto encapsulates the beliefes and ideals of the college.  While students come to Carroll to learn about one or more academic subjects, Carroll alumni will agree that their intellectual, social and spiritual endeavors at Carroll have provided them the experiences and skills to succeed throughout their lives and to seek the truth along the way.

Using the motto: In Latin, the motto is “Non scholae, sed vitae.” We translate this into English as “Not for school, but for life.” Always use the entire motto, in either language, and the capitalization and punctuation as noted. When giving both the Latin and English versions of the motto, use the following format: “Non scholae, sed vitae—Not for school, but for life.” Note that the dash after “vitae” is an em dash with no space on either side of the dash.

Carroll's Vision

Carroll College will enhance its nationally recognized status for excellence by preparing students for vocation and enlightenment in an increasingly GLOBAL and DIGITAL age with dynamic and distinguishing academic and co-curricular programs. As a diocesan Catholic college inspired by FAITH, Carroll will further integrate liberal arts, professional studies and service to others. Carroll will nurture leaders to live fully in the present and prepare for the future while engaged in their LOCAL community.

Carroll's Brand Promise

Carroll College offers a rigorous learning experience to inspired, compassionate students who share in a distinctive spirit of togetherness and expand their potential in an engaging and supportive environment.

Key elements of the brand promise explained:

Rigorous learning experience
Moments that Enlighten graphicThere’s a reason Carroll is consistently ranked the #1 regional college in the West by U.S. News & World Report—academic quality and rigor. Time and again, Carroll students share how faculty push them to go beyond their perceived limits and to challenge themselves constantly.

Inspired, compassionate students
Students are inspired by the kind of curiosity and vigor that takes them to new heights in the classroom, the lab, the playing field, or the outdoors. And they understand and embrace the notion of using their knowledge and talent to serve others and strive for social justice.

Moments that Enlighten graphicWho share in a distinctive spirit of togetherness
Students are quick to tell stories about individual moments and experiences that demonstrate the love they have for Carroll, and for the relationships they form with one another. This is shared by our alumni, who say this is a feeling that stays with them forever, and is shared by the greater Helena community.

Expand their potential in an engaging and supportive environment
The people at Carroll share a common belief that there are no limits to what students, and the community as a whole, can accomplish. The world at Carroll is wide open, both literally and figuratively. Students find the opportunities and the support to expand their potential every day.

The Brand Pillars

Moments of Discovery graphicThe brand pillars flow from the promise statement and serve as the foundation of the Carroll story we want to tell the world. They should be viewed as the overarching distinctive strengths that characterize the Carroll experience and form the heart of our branding efforts. Then, we use stories and compelling photography that personify these pillars and bring the Carroll experience to life—whether in the form of print, digital, a video profile, or any number of other executions.

A Higher Standard
At Carroll, students find themselves in a place where the higher standard of excellence is almost palpable. From a consistent position atop academic rankings by journals like U.S. News & World Report, to a reputation in athletics as an NAIA powerhouse, to the success of debate and math modeling teams, to impressive technological resources like The Sandbox, Carroll delivers an experience that is simply at a different level than most small, private liberal arts colleges.

An Opportunity-Rich Location
Moments of Discovery graphicThe scenic beauty of Carroll’s location in Helena and the easy access students have to world-class outdoor recreation is a very real strength. In addition to the outdoors, Carroll’s setting in Montana’s state capital delivers another, equally impressive kind of opportunity—the rich abundance of internships with state and federal government agencies and community organizations. Every student at Carroll has access to a seemingly endless array of opportunities that are relevant and meaningful to them—whether it’s getting involved at the Grandstreet Theatre, mountain biking on the 70+ miles of trails just minutes from campus, or interning for Montana’s U.S. Senators.

A Catholic Tradition of Service
Moments that Count graphicWe embrace our Catholic heritage and we understand what it means to be a Catholic institution—through service, social justice, welcoming students of all faiths to our community, contributing to the greater good, and living our faith in a way that brings people together.

A Global Outlook
With the establishment of the Artaza Center for Excellence in Global Education in 2015, it’s clear that international learning is a true hallmark of the Carroll experience. By offering opportunities for travel and study abroad, as well as visiting lectures by educational leaders, students are better positioned to approach their studies, and their futures, with an essential international mindset.

A Common Heart
Moments that Count graphicAmong students, faculty, staff, and the entire Helena community, there is a love for Carroll College that goes beyond what is experienced at many schools. There’s a shared vigor for life, a shared sense of service, and a shared devotion to inspired curiosity and pushing the boundaries of human potential.

The Brand Character

The brand character captures who Carroll is at its core. These are the words and characteristics that form the college’s DNA, and whenever possible must have a presence in our marketing and communication efforts.

  • Authentic… because it’s who we are, and what our experience is about.
  • Engaging… because we’re at our best when we inspire, and are inspired, by each other.
  • Catholic… because today’s world needs compassionate hearts and minds now more than ever.
  • Enduring... because learning is lifelong, and Carroll is a place that stays with you forever.
  • Challenging… because that’s how we become our best selves.
  • Spirited… because that’s what drives us to solve, to reimagine, and to succeed.
  • Boundless… because our minds and hearts are as open as the world around us.
  • Accomplished… because we’ve proven our worth time and time again.
  • Together… because it’s the moments we share together that make us who we are.

Enrollment Brand Campaign Creative–Moments Make Us

Moments Make Us is the brand campaign tagline used in our enrollment initiatives. It allows us to tie the elements of the Brand Promise and Pillars into a cohesive and engaging narrative for today’s students. If you would like to use elements of this campaign for your materials, please contact the Marketing and Communications office for more details

Campaign Ethos:
Think about where you want to go in life. Close your eyes, and see it.
That’s when you’ll realize it’s about more than learning or any knowledge you might gain.
This time, right now… is about who you become.
And the person you become is shaped by the moments you share, the places you share them, and the lives you touch along the way.
Moments of spirit and surprise. Moments that spark a new friendship. Moments of curiosity and fun.
They’re not all huge or life changing. They won’t all make you go “a-ha.” But all of them matter.
Because at Carroll, it’s the moments that make us who we are.

If you are in need of any of the enrollment branding guidelines, please contact the Marketing and Communications office.

Athletics Brand Creative

The Carroll Athletics brand is built on the same brand pillars and characteristics as the college brand. Separate logos, fonts, and colors have been established for the athletic brand creative. These can all be found in the Athletics Style Guide. Resources are also available from the Marketing and Communications office.

Questions? in the Marketing and Communications office