Logo Use Guide

Logo Use Guidelines

The Carroll logos play an important role in the college's marketing and public relations. The logos identify a communication, item or service as a product of Carroll College. To achieve this goal, logos must be used regularly on institutional products and messaging. In order that viewers may easily identify Carroll products and messaging, each time a logo is published it must look the same.

Quality design standards must be applied when placing logos. Standards created to achieve this end are outlined below. To maintain the integrity and recognition of the Carroll brand, Carroll College marks may not be altered in any way. To maintain the integrity and recognition of the Carroll brand, creating new marks is prohibited without prior approval from the Integrated Marketing Committee. Please contact the Marketing and Communications office if you need assistance with a brand extension design.

Faculty, staff and students may use the following Carroll College marks in the ordinary course of business for official college activities as outlined next to each mark. If you are purchasing promotional items with these marks, please review the Promotional Items information. Acceptable color combinations and fonts for these marks are outlined in the Carroll College Visual Identity Guide and all electronic resources and files may be found on the Marketing Resources Google drive.

Primary Brand Marks

Primary Wordmark, Vertical
Carroll College Primary LogoThe Carroll College wordmark and shield is the primary brand logo for the college and is to be used for all academic and administrative purposes. It is the preferred option in most cases. The primary logo may be used on stationary, fax cover sheets, event posters, advertisements, newsletters, brochures, social media, etc.

Primary Wordmark, Horizontal
Tcc_logo_horiz.jpghe Carroll College wordmark and shield may be used in this form when a horizontal space is required.

cc_logo-motto.pngcc_logo_horiz-motto.pngPrimary Wordmark with Motto
The Carroll College wordmark in either the horizontal or vertical layout may be used when the school motto is to be included. It is preferred to use the English translation of the motto rather than the Latin–Non Scholae sed Vitae.


Brand Extensions
image011.pngBrand extension logos are available for all academic departments, programs, student clubs, and administrative offices. These must include the primary wordmark and the name of the department or program below. Contact the Marketing and Communications Office for help creating a brand extension for your department, program or office.

shield.pngCarroll Shield
The Carroll shield, both with and without the Carroll wordmark, may be used instead of the primary wordmark on apparel and promotional items when the primary wordmark cannot be accurately produced. The shield may not be used in official documents or publications representing the college. If this is ucarroll_shield_0.pngsed on apparel, the name of the department, program or office must be separate from the mark unless approved by the Marketing and Communications office.


Carroll Seal
large_seal_vitae_2695.pngUse of the Carroll College seal is limited to specific formal and official communications from the Office of the President, the Office of Admission, and the Office of the Registrar. Examples include letters of acceptance to the college or diplomas. All other uses of this mark is prohibited.


Sub Brand Marks

To illustrate the study of anthrozoology (ANZ), a specific logo was created when the program was instituted in 2001. The ANZ logo was updated in 2013 to its current version.



FLEX Theatre
To provide branding for Carroll’s new theatre in the Campus Center and create awareness of theatre productions within the local community, a sub brand was created in 2017.


camp_logo.jpgCAMP – Carroll Adventure and Mountaineering Program
The CAMP logo was created in 2007 to brand the program. The bike chain circle and the fly fishing rod, ski pole and ice pick represent various outdoor activities for students.


The C-Halo
carroll_c-halo_fc.pngThe C-Halo logo is used primarily for athletics. The C-Halo may also be used as a decorative graphic or for promotional purposes by student activity programs, community living activities and programs, or for special events involving student activities. It may not be used as an identifier or logo for any specific program other than athletics. Prior approval from the Athletic Department must be granted for use outside of athletics.

All academic-related and non-student activity college events must use the primary brand marks (or appropriate extension or sub brand) for identification and promotion. 


image031.jpgAthletic Brand Extensions
These include any combination of the approved marks as listed in the Athletic Style Guide. The main elements of the extension are shown below. image029.jpg

These marks are used exclusively by Carroll’s Athletic programs for promotion of athletic programs, for athletic media use, and the sale of promotional items through the Marketing office or The Saints Shoppe, Carroll’s bookstore. image027.jpg

The Athletic Style Guide includes all approved color combinations of the marks.


Questions? in the Marketing and Communications office.