Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in pursuing a socially conscious career or job? How about volunteering for a worthy cause after graduation?

Check out the links on Career Services webpage:

Local Volunteer Opportunities

For local volunteer experiences while you still are an undergraduate, visit our Community Service page for students. Additionally, If your agency has a volunteer need, communicate it to the Hunthausen Center at carroll.hunthausen@gmail.com or 406-219-1145  


Carroll College Campus Ministry also sponsors Headlights Immersion Program during Fall and Spring breaks. Student participants go to volunteer with various service organizations across the country. Through the Headlights program students have the opportunity to spend their breaks serving others and learning about issues of poverty, injustice, and human development that will affect them as they leave Carroll and continue to make a difference in the lives of others. For details, see Campus Ministry's webpage

Peace Corps Webinars and Information

peacecorps_0_0.jpgThinking about the peace Corps or Just curious? Then check this out! For anyone interested in the Peace Corps who missed the live webcast, you may view the recorded version through the following link. More info about the Peace Corps and other post-graduate volunteer opportunities is available in Career Services.

Special Peace Corps Webinars are available online !  Click the Peace Corps logo at left to watch!

Peace Corp Program Changes :
1)Applicants can now CHOOSE where they want to apply to considered to serve.
2)All Peace Corps Volunteer job openings are now listed online at: www.peacecorps.gov/openings (this includes details about assignment descriptions, application deadlines, qualifications, living conditions, etc).
3)Volunteer benefits increase:
      -The readjustment allowance when Peace Corps Volunteer complete service has increased over $1000 to a total of $8775 (pre-tax).
      - Peace Corps & repayment (even total forgiveness) of federal student loans via Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF).