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Career Services, alongside the multitude of online tools available for students, will help Saints learn to market themselves through resumes, carefully choosen and prepared references, confident interview skills, and professionalism.

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Resumes, cover letters, curriculum vitae (CV's), Handshake and LinkedIn profiles, personal statements, and employer correspondence play an important role in your internship and job search.  They are all marketing tools that communicate your skills, abilities, and experiences in any way that shows potential employers, internship supervisors, and graduate schools you are a match for the position/program they have to offer.

For many positions one of these will be your first impression.  It should capture the attention of your target audience, motivating them to invite you for an interview.  You are creating a personal brand and each of your documents shuold reflect your skills and professionalism.

Please review the videos below to begin the process of crafting a winning resume and cover letter.

Cover Letter

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Common Resume Sections

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Resume Writing

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Common Resume Questions

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