Interviewing and Negotiating


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Successful Interviewing

The following documents were created by Career Services to assist you in your job preparation. They are also available in hard-copy format on the wall outside the Career Services Office.

Behaviorally Based Interviewing
Behavioral based interviewing is a new style of interviewing that more and more companies and organizations are using in their hiring process. Use this handout to learn what it is and how to nail it.

How to Ace a Behavioral Interview

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Successful Interviewing: What Interviewers Look For
Interviewers look for the potential of new employees to become valued, trusted, productive team members of their company. Use this handout to tailor your interview answers to what employers are looking for.

How to Ace Your Face-to-Face

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Information Interviews
Information interviews are a great way to learn more about a company or job title and whether or not it's the right job for you--and if used right, it also yields a great connection to add to your network. This type of interview is also helpful if lacking experience.

Landing a Job with No Experience

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