Peer Ministers

What is A Peer Minister?

Campus Ministry has a group of 15 students who live in the residence halls called Peer Ministers. These peer ministers carry on the tradition of fostering fellowship and goodwill on campus, work in building community on the floors, and help in creating a positive campus atmosphere for students. 

Each Peer Minister considers themself a resource to assist and counsel other students when needed. They also lead small groups, but these may not always take the “customary” bible study form.

Grace Steele, a senior majoring in elementary education from Wasougal, Washington, co-led a Bible study in which yarn and the Gospels intertwined.

Some of the girls were interested in doing crafts, so we taught everyone how to knit, and we would talk about the Gospels as we knit. We made quite a few scarves as a result and gave them to a local homeless shelter called 'God’s Love.'

Most importantly, though, these students are available to be a presence encouraging faith on campus. Peer Ministers encourage students to make their relationship with God an important part of their journey at Carroll.

Who is Your 2021-22 Peer Minister?

Saint Charles:

  • 2nd: Kenna Sandblast
  • 3rd: Bridget Braden
  • 4th: TBD

Guadalupe Hall:

  • Basement: Claire Montowski
  • 1st: Shannon Frati
  • 2nd: Molly McWade
  • 3rd: Iris Hartwig


  • Riley Dowdy


  • Elizabeth Simkins

Saint Charles:

  • 2nd: TBD
  • 3rd: Ray Shipman
  • 4th: Jack Peed

Guadalupe Hall:

  • 1st: Daniel Hirshorn
  • 2nd: Lane Buus
  • 3rd: Shae Bills


  • Greyson Gold