C.A.M.P. Leaders

Amber PickeringAmber Pickering

Major: Civil Engineering with a minor in Fine Arts

Bio: I am from Chico, CA. My interests are having fun and being outside!

Interests: Rafting, kayaking, running, hiking, XC skiing, downhill skiing, and biking

Favorite C.A.M.P. memory: Moab of course! Particularly biking over the slickrock.

Ethan VilesEthan Viles

Major: Biology with a minor Data Science

Bio: I'm Ethan! A biology major, data science minor from Spokane, Washington. My favorite activities to do outside are climbing, skiing, mountain biking, and backpacking. My freshman year, CAMP taught me how to rock climb, and now it is a huge part of my life! Because of it, I work the rock climbing wall on campus, and am now a co-president of CAMP. I am also the breakfast chef for our overnight trips--my specialty is pancakes.

Interests: Rock Climbing, Skiing, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Backpacking

Favorite C.A.M.P. memory: Climbing splitters in Moab during our 2020 Spring Break trip!

Nathan BurnsNathan Burns

Major: Civil Engineering

Bio: I am from Arvada Colorado where I found my love for mountain biking and downhill skiing. During the summer I work as a bike mechanic and during the winter I do my best to be a ski bum while also being full time student. I'm always down for an outdoor adventure and my greatest (outdoor) goal in life is to take the KOM on Show Me the Horse in the Helena South Hills.

Interests: Mountain Biking, Skiing, Backpacking, Touring, and Hiking

Favorite C.A.M.P. memory: Summiting the ridge overlooking Tea Cup Lake right as the sun was going down and catching the last couple drops of alpenglow.

Luke RaffaLuke Raffa

Major: Psychology

Bio/Interests: I'm from Castle Rock, Colorado and have a knack for being passionate about any outdoor activity I am introduced to. The one that I obsess over is fly fishing. Once I was introduced to it six years ago, I have obsessed with it. When I can't be on a river, I spend much of my free time fly tying or reading on fish behavior, entomology and how to do some fancy casts.

Interests: Fly fishing, hiking, XC skiing, backpacking, any water-related activity especially white water rafting

Favorite C.A.M.P. memory: A favorite memory so far has been the many XC skiing trips to Mac pass, and watching people who have never done anything like it before, fall in love with it. It is extremely satisfying to help ignite a love for something new.

Katelyn McKay Katelyn McKay

Major: Nursing

Bio/Interests: I have grown up in Helena, Montana and nature is my home. I live for new adventures and finding my soul in the outdoors. My favorite outdoor activities are hiking, fishing, and backpacking. I love wildflowers and amazing sunsets. Come join us!

Interests: Backpacking, Fly Fishing, Hiking, Camping, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Trail Running, Kayaking, XC Country/Alpine Skiing, and Anything Wild.

Favorite C.A.M.P. memory: I have loved all of the alpine and cross country skiing trips. More fun memories pending!

Alex RiceAlex Rice

Major: Biology

Bio: I am from Spokane, Washington and grew up in a very outdoorsy and active family. I love being outside doing any activity possible. If it is outside, sign be up! It is amazing to get out and share my favorite activities with others. My spirit animal is a mountain goat.

Interests: Mountain Biking, Road Biking, Rock Climbing, Downhill Skiing, Skate Skiing, Hiking, Backpacking

Favorite C.A.M.P. memory: On our spring break trip to Moab, Utah sitting around the campfire sharing our day and our happy and slappy moments. It was a great bonding experience to meet fellow outdoorsy people and have a fun time together.

Ethan-VilesNatalie Gaber

Major: Nursing with a minor in Spanish

Bio: I grew up in Littleton, Colorado and have always been a fan of going on new adventures. Outside of CAMP activities, you can find me playing softball, hanging out with my friends or peer ministering on 3rd floor Guad! I'm always down for an outdoor adventure if you need a buddy!

Interests: I enjoy hiking, skiing, water sports, camping, an occasional rock climb and casual biking 

Favorite C.A.M.P. memory: My favorite CAMP memory is mountain biking for my first time on Mt. Helena!

Natalie YocumNatalie Yocum

Major: Biology and Environmental Science with a minor in French

Bio:  I am from Arlee Montana, but love to reminisce about the days I lived in a tent with my family in Polebridge, northwest of Glacier National Park, where we'd hike, swim, and play in the mud. I love the summer and identifying native plants and informing my friends about them.

Interests: Running, rock climbing, xc skiing, backpacking

Favorite C.A.M.P. memory: Moonlight xc ski with hot chocolate afterward and lots of good company.

Gus CorsettiGus Corsetti

Major: Psychology with a Minor in Anthrozoology

Bio: I grew up on Bainbridge Island, Washington as an outdoorsmen. I love to fish, hike, camp, and hunt. I love fishing the rivers in Montana and I even learned how to ice fish here which was a blast!

Interests: Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Ski/Snowboarding

Favorite C.A.M.P. memory: My favorite C.A.M.P. memory was learning how to ice fish and listening to the ice shift on top of the lake. It makes a very ominous sound.

Melanie-TellinghusenChloe Unterseher

Major: Biology with a minor in neuroscience

Bio: I grew up in Billings and then moved to Spokane, hiking and skiing with my family in both places. Since I've come to Carroll I've fallen in love with rock climbing, and can't wait to get people out this season!

Interests: Rock climbing, camping, xc and downhill skiing, and hiking

Favorite C.A.M.P. memory: Crack climbing and leading my first outdoor route in Moab!

Mackenzie Jahn Mackenzie Jahn

Major: Biology with a minor in Mathematics

Bio: I’m originally form Oregon, where I fell in love with the ocean and surfing, and then I came to Montana and fell in love with the mountains too! Now I can’t seem to answer the classic ice breaker question of ocean or mountains... both? My favorite activities of all time are mountaineering, rock climbing, and surfing! My favorite place is the Three Sisters Wilderness in Oregon, and my favorite mountain snack is gummy bears.

Interests: Mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, skiing, surfing

Favorite C.A.M.P. memory: Moab trip 2020. Got to spend an awesome week exploring Moab with great people, right before the word shut down.

Taylor LeistikoTaylor Leistiko

Major: Biology with a minor in Chemistry

Bio: Originally from Missoula, MT and on the Pre-med track. I've always loved the outdoors and a good adventure. Summer is my favorite season, and my favorite thing to do is backpack into a mountain lake and fly fish.

Interests: Kayaking, fly fishing, hiking, camping, backpacking, XC skiing, running

Favorite C.A.M.P. memory: Sailing Canyon Ferry

Liam Lynch Liam Lynch

Major: Biology with a minor in Psychology

Bio: Born and raised in Spokane Washington where during the summers I worked as a counselor at YMCA Camp Reed and during the winters I would ski it up at Schweitzer Mountain Resort. FUN FACT: I've been skiing since I was 1 year old... ask me about it!

Interests: Skiing, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Slacklining, and Mountain Biking

Favorite C.A.M.P. memory: Rafting down Guad Hill!

Alli BucknerAlli Buckner (AKA Buck Sauce)

Major: Nursing

Bio: I'm a Montana Native from Bozeman and am in love with Moose. I am often found rallying others for all sorts of adventures and the first to volunteer to cook meals (for the preliminary bites, of course). Catch me turning up the music and serving as the hostess with the mostest when you arrive for C.A.M.P. events!

Interests: Mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, XC and downhill skiing, any water activity that involves floating on some sort of flotational device, professional snacker.

Favorite C.A.M.P. memory: Almost anything related to the spring break Moab trips! Whether it be watching friends "push the limits of the sport," repelling down an overhanging cliff on my first canyoneering adventure, or finding the most scenic groover spot at each campsite on the Green River, anytime playing in the red rocks was a hoot and a half.

Hanarose Gironda Hanarose Gironda

Major:  Nursing

Bio: I'm from Boise, ID where I grew up fishing and camping with my family. I think my favorite part about camping was playing board games around the camp fire. If I'm not outside I like to work on paint by numbers and I'll probably be watching either New Girl or my most recent show The Resident. I'm excited to help out with events and experience more outdoor adventures with other students!

Interests: Running, hiking, XC/skiing, snowshoe, and camping

Favorite C.A.M.P. memory: I really enjoyed cross country skiing with my friends with the snow pelting us in our faces and freezing our hair. I definitely recommend

Chloe GallagherChloe Gallagher

Major:  Civil Engineering

Bio: I am from Genoa, Illinois and decided to head west to explore the mountains. Over the summer I am a whitewater rafting guide in California. I love going on adventures and exploring new outdoor activities.

Interests: Whitewater rafting, XC skiing, downhill skiing, hiking, running

Favorite C.A.M.P. memory: I haven't gotten a chance to make any yet, but I am excited for all the memories to come!

Sabrina CrooksSabrina Crooks

Major: Biology with minors in Mathematics and Chemistry

Bio: I was born in Juneau, Alaska and I moved to Spokane, Washington when I was three. From hunting camps to backpacking trips, I grew up recreating in the outdoors. Whether I was in the forests of Alaska or Washington, my love of wilderness adventures was developed when I was young and has persisted throughout my life. I find myself happiest when I am out running along mountainous trails or backpacking into new forests.

Interests: Running, camping, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, and biking.

Favorite C.A.M.P. memory: One of my favorite CAMP memories was from my junior year on the upper-classman backpacking trip. We had spent most of the hike in heavily wooded areas. The foliage was dense and the brush was thick. Then we got out of the cover and the view was spectacular! There was a beautiful, clear lake at the base of a towering mountain. We all set up camp and enjoyed the tranquility and peace of the secluded oasis.

Joseph Hagengruber Joseph Hagengruber

Major: Environmental Science

Bio: I grew up in Montana recreating outdoors whenever I had the opportunity. The outdoor activities around Carroll College and Helena were far too great to pass up, so I decided to attend school in the area and continue to explore. In previous summers as a college student, I've worked for the Forest Service in Utah as a biological aid and for Idaho Fish and Game as fisheries technician.

Interests: Fishing, floating, backpacking, skiing, hiking, snorkeling, skating, mountain biking

Favorite C.A.M.P. memory: I've only been in camp leader for a semester, but my favriote memory to date was definitely Ice fishing. It was only about 10 degrees and we didn't catch any fish, but it was great going out with students that had never been ice fishing before!

Emma WalkerEmma Walker

Major:  Business Management and Marketing

Bio: I am from St. Paul, Minnesota, so taking advantage of the mountains out here in Montana is a MUST. I love that C.A.M.P has provided me with new experiences, as well as the opportunity to share some of my favorite activities with like-minded people. Spending time outdoors is my favorite way to rejuvenate!

Interests: Running, camping, XC skiing, climbing, hiking, backpacking, hammocking

Favorite C.A.M.P. memory: My favorite C.A.M.P memory was going on the overnight XC ski trip to a forest service cabin. This event was full of laughter, memories, and bonding. It was also the trip I discovered that tortillas are the perfect snack and that mice don't actually make good roommates.

Sally VogelSally Vogel

Major: 3-2 Engineering

Bio: I am from North Fork, Idaho. I grew up hiking with my dogs and rafting. My favorite thing to do is pick a mountain and wander up it.

Interests: Hiking, Rafting, XC Skiing, Camping

Favorite C.A.M.P. memory: I haven't been here very long, but I did enjoy hiking up to Elkhorn and Crow Peaks last fall.

Keaton BlairKeaton Blair

Major:  Engineering Science and Computer Science with minors in Math, Physics, & Data Science

Bio: I grew up near Seattle, Washington. I've been camping and rock climbing my whole life, and I love being outdoors! I also love math and physics (in case you can't tell from my majors). Fun fact: I slept in a hammock all through High School, and I still hammock it up whenever I get the chance!

Interests: I love rock climbing, mountain biking, backpacking, white water rafting, skiing, surfing, and pretty much everything else that I try!

Favorite C.A.M.P. memory: Canoeing down the Green River in Moab, Utah for a whole week!