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Mindfulness Water Coloring Trip
05/01/2022 - 8:00am to 5:30pm
  • Take a relaxing trip with CAMP to Ten Mile Creek Park where we will practice mindfulness, paint with watercolors, and make cards for Mother's Day.
  • Art supplies, transportation, and mindfulness exercises provided.
  • Sign Up Here
Carroll Campus
Hunthausen Activity Center
HAC Climbing Tower
Theatre: Maria and the Butterflies

Maria and the Butterflies graphic

04/24/2022 - 2:30pm to 4:30pm

HELENA – Carroll College Theatre is producing Maria and the Butterflies by Katherine Gee Perrone with score by Dana Cardon which runs April 21 through May 1, 2022. This world-premiere musical was commissioned by Carroll College Theatre to tell the story of Maria Sibylla Merian, a painter and scientist from the 1600s who studied and illustrated the metamorphosis of bugs and butterflies in Germany, The Netherlands, and South America. This hour-long musical tells the story of her life from age 13 until late in her life, and features puppets of insects, caterpillars, butterflies, and more to portray the process of metamorphosis which Maria helped to illuminate in a world where many still believed Aristotle’s theory that maggots sprung spontaneously from meat. The show will be entertaining for all ages, and is recommended particularly for elementary-aged children.

Carroll Theatre will host audiences for school day matinees as well as weekend performances for the public. Associate Professor Kim Shire is directing, Anna Milburn is music directing, and Amber Barnes is Associate Director. Tickets available now at

Other items of interest:

  • Shows are April 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30 at 7:30 pm and April 24, May 1 at 2:30 pm
  • Tickets are $15 for general public, $10 for students and seniors, $5 for Carroll ID and children under 13.
  • Tickets are on sale now via the Carroll College Theatre Facebook page ( is external)) or the Carroll College Theatre website (

For more information contact:

Kimberly Shire
Associate Professor of Theatre at Carroll College

Carroll Campus
Campus Center
Flex Theatre
Night of the Talking Saints

Graphic of Night of the Talking Saints

05/01/2022 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm

A showcase of performances from our very own Talking Saints Forensics team accompanied by cookies and lemonade in Avila Room. Featuring: Emma Peterson, Vicente Ortega, Anna Brown, Kohl Bonser, Katie Payne, Melissa Jagelski, Nicole Williams & Madi McDonald.

Mostly PG-13, with a few immodest, OhMyGosh words, scattered here and there. Topics include two 20-something women trying to navigate their quarter-life crisis, an indigenous man surviving a rough childhood and heading back home to help his community, a nun bringing her frisky pet to her quiet convent, a wrestler’s guilt over his unethical victory, a daughter watching her mom disappear into Alzheimer’s, poetry about overcoming grief and loss, and a women’s basketball player trying to keep her competitive drive in check.

In memory of Dorothy Harper, 1922-2021.
She never missed Night of the Talking Saints.

The Talking Saints are dedicating the afternoon performances to Dorothy Harper, who contributed so much to Carroll and to Helena. She was a two-time national speech champion, but her greatest achievements were named Rusty, Hal, Steve, Nancy, and Jannie. She also kept her husband Rev. George Harper, (mostly) in check.

Dorothy never missed our evening performances, and was always smiling and clapping, whether we forgot a line or not. May we all keep the indomitable joyful spirit of Dorothy alive, forever.


Carroll Campus
Campus Center
Lower Campus Center
Sunday Night Mass

Sunday Night Mass graphic

02/20/2022 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

We offer mass at 7 p.m. in All Saints Chapel on Sunday nights! All welcome.

Carroll Campus
All Saints Chapel
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