Bailey - Adopted

Bailey is a Beagle-Boston Terrier mix from the Humane Society. She is approximately 5 years old. Over the last few months, Bailey has been working on a lot of new skills and tasks. We have worked on fun exercises such as weaving through legs and playing catch by having her bounce the ball off her nose. Bailey has also learned some very impressive training exercises including how to politely greet a friend/dog and also how to loose-leash walk and maintain consistent eye contact when we are walking around. Bailey loves to play ball more than anything in the world. Inside, outside, anywhere Bailey can play ball Bailey will play with her ball. I love incorporating her love for balls into her training and rewarding her with play. Bailey has some very cute quarks, one of my favorites is every morning when she gets out of her crate, she runs to the living room and rolls around on the ground for a good minute to scratch and shake off her night-time sleep. I love her motivation for balls, her willingness to learn and accomplish new goals. I think Bailey would thrive in an environment without any other animals and lots of time for attention and play. She would do amazing in a space with lots of room for her to run around and get her wiggles out. Bailey and I look forward to introducing scent work into our training next semester. I thought it would be really cool to do bed bug detection work and with her size and admiration for balls, I think we could really use those things to our advantage when training scent work. You can keep up on our progress throughout the year on Bailey's Facebook page titled "Bailey-Carroll College ANZ" @BaileyANZ

Student Handler