Second dose COVID-19 vaccination clinics have been moved to the fairgrounds

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Second dose COVID-19 vaccination clinics have been moved to the fairgrounds 


If you have received your first Pfizer dose at one of Lewis and Clark County's clinics at the fairgrounds, there is a venue change for your upcoming second dose of Pfizer. Your second dose clinic will be held at THE LEWIS AND CLARK COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please DO NOT go to Carroll College for your second dose.

As a result of ongoing limited vaccine supply, the Carroll College point of distribution (POD) will not be utilized for second dose clinics at this time. The Carroll College POD remains an important tool in developing local flexibility to adapt to changing conditions. Therefore, the local vaccine planning team will continue to train key staff in preparation to serve the Carroll POD once vaccine supply increases, so we’ll be able to quickly and easily ramp up vaccinations to our community.

To learn about appointments and who is eligible to receive the vaccine right now in our community, visit the Lewis & Clark Public Health COVID-19 HUB website or call the Lewis and Clark County Public Health at 457-8900. Details will also be posted to Lewis & Clark Public Health’s Facebook.