Safe Ride Home Program

Friday, October 28, 2022

With the goal of reducing alcohol-impaired driving, Carroll College encourages students to have a plan to get home safely as well as raise social consciousness around responsible drinking behaviors. The Carroll College Safe Ride Home Program is designed for currently enrolled Carroll College students of any age to use when they do not have a designated driver to get them home safely. The Safe Ride Home program is not to transport students from party to party, or bar to bar.


Call the Helena Taxi dispatch phone number at 406-407-2738. Save your receipt and drop it in the ASCC drop box in the Upper Cube with your name on it. The president of Carroll College, Dr. John Cech, has agreed to cover the cost of your ride until the agreement with TaxiCaller begins.

Helena Taxi Company

Carroll College has contracted with Helena Taxi to provide this service which students will access through the TaxiCaller app (Apple store | Google Play) or by calling Helena Taxi dispatch phone number 406-407-2738. Students are encouraged to arrange for rides using the TaxiCaller app which provides real-time information on the location of available taxis, waiting times, etc.

At the beginning of each semester, Carroll will submit a list of all current student emails to Helena Taxi, which they will keep confidential. The email list will be entered into Carroll College’s TaxiCaller profile, which is associated with the Dean of Students email,, to allow students to request transportation directly from theTaxiCaller app. Helena Taxi will send an email to each student inviting them to download the TaxiCaller App and to create a personal profile to include first name, last name, phone number, and Carroll email. Carroll uses the Dean of Students email and student emails so Helena Taxi can bill Carroll College for the rides used by our students.  

Students who utilize the transportation services provided by Carroll College through Helena Taxi will be required to provide a Carroll College student ID. In cases where the student does not have a Carroll College picture ID (i.e., temp card due to printing issues, etc.), a driver’s license may be used if the student booked the ride using their Carroll email address through the TaxiCaller application. Students do not need to be of the legal drinking age to use the Safe Ride Home program.

The number of passengers allowed in the car depends on which cars are available, but most cars have room for 4 passengers. Carroll is receiving a 10% discount on the normal ride rate.  Helena Taxi will provide an invoice for the rides billed to Carroll College.

Responsible Social Conduct

Carroll students using the Safe Ride Home Program are expected to engage in responsible social conduct that reflects credit upon the College community and to model good citizenship both on- and off-campus. Students using the Safe Ride Home program are expected to show respect for the driver and the vehicle, and to follow all safety rules and regulations, as well as any instructions given. This system is not to be abused or taken advantage of, but utilized as a way for students to ensure that they can get home safely no matter what, no questions asked. Tips are not included in the fare charge covered by the College so if a student wishes to do so they can choose that.