Presidential COVID-19 Update: August 5, 2020

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

To the Parents and Guardians of Carroll College students.

We continue to finalize plans for a safe and healthy return to campus. We have updated the Marching Back website to include a new Frequently Asked Questions section, and will be adding to that weekly.

This week, we will be adding a Friday COVID-19 communication with additional information about testing and the COVID-19 online training for faculty, staff and students.  

Testing will begin next week on Wednesday, August 12. The schedule for testing will be available on Friday, August 7. The current plan includes testing stations at the PE Center for student-athletes, at Guadalupe Hall for all first-year students and on the lawn by the fountain for all other students. Students that are moving in early will have the opportunity to test when they arrive.

Students and families do not need to change their travel plans due to testing as it will be part of their check in. However, if possible, all off-campus students should arrange to be in Helena to be tested prior to the end of the day on Saturday, August 15. Limited testing will be available on Sunday, August 16 and Monday, August 17.

On campus testing is for students only. Families and employees are encouraged to be tested through other avenues open to them.

Campus Clear App – Self Reporting of Symptoms  
Next week, the college will be rolling out an app to be downloaded to help individuals complete daily self-health checks. Students will be asked to click into the application every day and report if they have symptoms. Those who report symptoms will be contacted by the Wellness Center and provided with information about testing or other health measures. This is an easy way for the community to help each other, and is meant to get everyone in the habit of monitoring their health every day. This information will not be stored, tracked, or used for any other purpose and student information is only shared with the health professionals on campus.

COVID-19 Online Training  
In order for everyone to start the year safe and healthy, and to promote a community wide understanding of what will be required of all of us as we return to campus, we have developed COVID-19 online training. The link for faculty, staff, and students will be available on Friday, August 7, and sent via email. Students, faculty and staff are asked to complete the training before Monday, August 17.

Information for students if they are a contact, have or suspect COVID-19  
Part of the Marching Back plan includes information should a member of the community feel ill, is a known contact, or tests positive for COVID-19. That information can now be found at the top of the Marching Back webpage and in the FAQ section.


Questions can be directed to covid19@carroll.edu and we will answer them within two business days.

As always, please remain safe and healthy,

John E. Cech, Ph.D., President
Carroll College Marching Back Task Force