Carroll Announces Plan for COVID-19 Testing

Monday, July 27, 2020

HELENA – Carroll College announced today that the Carroll College Board of Trustees allocated funding to provide a COVID-19 test to every student as they return to campus this fall. Carroll College will be using a testing firm from which they have received both positive references and will guarantee a 48-hour turnaround time for results.

President John Cech shared in an email to the campus community this morning, “This is exciting news, and it will allow us to start the year with a clear picture of the COVID-19 status of all of our students. This makes the 14-day self-quarantine before coming to campus critically important.”

Carroll College has asked that all students returning to campus in August complete a 14-day quarantine prior to their arrival for fall semester.

The college is currently finalizing the procedures for testing and will provide an update on Wednesday, August 5, as part of their weekly COVID-19 all-campus communication. Students returning to campus will not need to change their travel plans. The current move-in schedule has students arriving August 14 and 15 on a staggered schedule. 

In addition, as the state of Montana refines their testing system, the college hopes to combine this initial testing of all students as they return with ongoing testing of groups of asymptomatic students. Students, faculty and staff who are symptomatic can work with Carroll’s Wellness Center to obtain a quick test.

“I appreciate the support we have received from the Carroll College Board of Trustees to take this important step which will help ensure a safe and healthy opening,“ said Cech.

Additional details about the implementation of this new 48-hour testing effort will be forthcoming. Carroll College’s Marching Back Plan can be viewed at carroll.edu/marchingback.