2023-2024 Elsie Corette Memorial Scholarship- PRE-MED

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

DESCRIPTION:  The Elsie Corette Memorial Scholarship has been established at Carroll College through the generosity of Mr. John E. Corette of Butte, Montana, and by his children, in memory of his wife and their mother. The funds that support these scholarships were obtained through capitalistic ventures in America’s free enterprise system which is shielded and guided by the principles depicted in the Constitution of the United States.

Elsie Corette was born in 1907 to Peter and Mary Pauly of Deer Lodge, the third of four children. Peter came to the United States and to Montana in the 1880’s from France and found work at what was later known as the Williams and Pauly ranch. Mr. Williams was a cattleman and Mr. Pauly a sheepman. In the early 1950’s, Safeway proudly advertised that the lamb they sold was from the Williams and Pauly ranch.  The ranch around Deer Lodge stretched from somewhere east of Drummond to Avon, and near the top of McDonald pass.

 In late September of 1930, Elsie went to Missoula to be a teaching instructor in the History Department and to continue work on her master’s degree in English.  Two years later, in 1932, she would marry a young lawyer by the name of Jack Corette. Later the couple would move to Butte where Jack ultimately became the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Montana Power. Mr. Corette also served on the board of trustees of Carroll College and gave the commencement address in 1961. Elsie died very suddenly in June of 1971 and Jack proposed the idea of a scholarship trust account at Carroll College for pre-med students who might practice in Montana. Jack died in 1994 and Diane Corette Simperman, daughter of J.E. Corette, picked up the reins of the trust.  In 2000, Diane died a sudden and untimely death at the age of 57. Her husband, Roy F. Simperman, class of ’62, assumed her position.

The Corette Scholarships are awarded by a committee comprised of two local bank presidents, a Carroll faculty member, a community member at-large and a local doctor.  The committee is chaired by Dr. Mike Strekall. To date, over 261 scholarships, totaling some $1,107,684, have been granted to over 179 Carroll students.  Approximately 70% of the students have become medical doctors. 

ELIGIBILITY:  Currently enrolled PRE-MED sophomore or junior students at Carroll who are U.S. citizens from Montana.  Students applying for the Corette Scholarship are not eligible to apply for the Roy F. Simperman Math and Science or Nursing Scholarship.

The scholarship is awarded to Carroll students who have financial need as well as promise of success in medical school.  Applicants must have an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of less than the cost of attendance, if the EFC is higher, please provide a brief description of why you need this scholarship.  The scholarship is not necessarily intended for the most outstanding students, but rather for students whose success in pre-medical and later medical studies might at this time depend upon receiving the kind of assistance offered by the Elsie Corette Memorial Scholarship.  Roy F. Simperman Scholarship applicants cannot apply for the Elsie Corette Memorial Scholarship.  Average grant has been $10,000.

DUE DATE: January 1, 2023