Why Anthrozoology?

First and foremost, Carroll has is the only undergraduate anthrozoology program in the nation. So as a student here, you’ll prepare for your future role as a leader in this emerging discipline and someone with the ability to actually shape the field. You’ll benefit from internship and research opportunities with our partner organizations like Zoo Montana (link is external); Working Dogs for Conservation (link is external); Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks (link is external); and Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch (link is external). Through our work-study program you may get paid doing what you love—working with horses. And our faculty are the industry leaders who will offer you valuable connections around the world.

The best college major you've never heard of

Do you consider your pet part of your family? Have you ever been struck wondering about the unique bond between humans and domesticated animals? The relationship between humans and animals goes back tens of thousands of years. But until about 40 years ago, most behavioral research focused on animal behavior. Then, a group of scientists, including Carroll College's Dr. Anne Perkins, decided to study how animals and humans interact with each other and thus was born anthrozoology.