Meet the Carroll Colleges Horses

Anthrozoology Horses
Photo of Breccia


Breccia is an older gray mare. She is what we call an ‘invisible pinto’. This means that when she was younger she had pinto coloring and now her darker areas have gone gray which makes her appear to be a solid color. Despite her size Breccia is one of the best beginner horses in the program.

Photo of Cisco


Cisco is a buckskin mare. She is Zoe’s daughter. Cisco does well with a confident rider or handler of any level. She enjoys the obstacle course and going for bareback rides. Cisco is what we call an ‘in your pocket’ horse. She wants to be right next to her handler at all times and it can be difficult to get her to move away from you.

Photo of Echo


Echo is a chestnut mare. She has quite the ‘boss mare’ attitude but she loves treats and scritches from the students! Echo is good for beginner through advanced riders and handlers. She is patient and kind with beginner students especially.

Photo of Ringo


Ringo is a big bay gelding. He is a sweet boy who is great for groundwork and riding for any level of student. He was an excellent ‘therapy horse’ for the mock therapeutic riding part of our Connecting with Horses class!

Photo of Roo


Roo is a buckskin mare. This is her second year in the program. Last year she was diagnosed with equine metabolic syndrome and since then has been on a special diet and a medication to help manage her weight. Roo is excellent under saddle for beginners but needs a confident handler on the ground as she can be pretty strong especially when she sees food! 

Photo of Serenity


Serenity is a grulla mare. This is the second year she has been a part of the program here at Carroll. Due to a conformational defect Serenity is unsound for riding. However she makes up for it by being amazing for ground work. Serenity is extremely friendly and is a very quick learner. The first year she was here a student taught her how to play fetch!

Photo of Smokey


Smokey is a buckskin gelding. This is his second year with us as well. Smokey has some anxiety and is extremely responsive so he is best for intermediate to advanced riders and handlers. He is a very sweet boy and is usually a class favorite.

Photo of Valentine


Valentine is a chestnut gelding. He is good friends with both Ringo and Smokey, and he is a huge goofball. Valentine has an old injury that prevents him from being ridden, though he has a LOT of fun doing groundwork. He especially likes obstacles and other things that make him think. Any confident student can handle Valentine easily.

Photo of Zipper


Zipper is a little gray mare. She is Zoe’s best friend and this is her second year with us as well. Zipper can be quick under saddle and so needs an intermediate to advanced rider but can be handled by even the most timid beginner on the ground. 

Zoe (dark brown-black horse) in Training


Zoe is a black mustang mare. Like Roo and Serenity, this is her second year at Carroll. Zoe can be a bit nervous at times so she does best with a confident handler and rider. We discovered this year that Zoe is amazing at doing showmanship patterns! She also will stand for hours to get groomed as long as she has a friend nearby.