Canine Classes

The canine-human bond

The Anthrozoology major educates students about the canine-human relationship, but it also gives back to the dogs with whom they partner. Carroll College works with regional shelters to rehabilitate rescue dogs for a successful human-canine partnership. We train students to train dogs. Our students learn and practice canine training techniques specific to animal-assisted activities and therapies, search and rescue, or scent detection. Some students learn techniques in more than one area, with different canine partners.

Important note: We teach students how to train dogs in various tasks. At this time, we do not train service-ready dogs. Both the students and the dogs need more training and certification to be service professionals.

Canine Classes not only investigate the human-canine bond, but they also provide a unique environment for learning, evaluating, and applying canine training techniques for a broad range of purposes.  Students are offered:

  • an unprecedented opportunity for advanced education in behavior, canine science, and canine training
  • faculty and student-based research projects exploring canine behavior and cognition
  • valuable preparation for careers in veterinary medicine, animal behavior or cognition, clinical psychology, social work, education, or animal training.

Most upper-division courses include an in-class component where students learn the theories behind the subject and a lab component where students apply what they learn with dogs and other wildlife.