Adoptable Animals

Adopt a Program Animal: Class of 2023

The curriculum within Anthrozoology canine coursework is centered around students learning canine physiology, health, ethology, operant and classical conditioning, applied behavior analysis, animal sheltering, culture and conflict, olfaction, therapy and service work, as well as identifying possible career objectives. Anthrozoology student handlers work and live with their adoptable dog during the academic year.

Our adoptable animal program does not produce working animals or therapy/service animals. At the end of the academic year, they become lovely companion animals. Each student walks away having had a unique experience impacting their understanding and perspective of the human-animal bond.

A part of the process involves sharing videos and photos with the public via social media, and screening potential adopters. In the Spring, Students interview potential adopters of their program animals. The choice of adopter is based on compatibility, looking for the best home to suit the dog’s needs.

Please note, there is no guarantee a program animal will have the skills and interest to go onto more rigorous training - beyond Carroll College for service work. Animals are selected based on their temperament, and capacities to learn in the campus environment.

Canine Graduation is in late April or early May. This celebration is open to the public and all adopting families. We are thankful for all the local humane societies that have partnered with us!

Important information:

  • All of the animals belong to their respective regional shelters.  Potential owners will go through the shelter’s specific adoption process.
  • Contact us - If you would like more information about the Anthrozoology program, contact us at
  • For information about a specific dog, see the contact information that accompanies each animal's bio. If you are interested in adopting, please fill out our adoption application, and we will get back to you within a week.
  • One way to provide substantial support for Anthrozoology’s canine program is through a $2,500 donation to sponsor a shelter animal for one year. Please contact Major Gifts Officer Kathy Ramirez at  or (406) 447-4445 if you’d like to talk about this or other ways to support our hard work!

Adoptable Animals

Vindaloo Vogue

Vindaloo is a 4-month-old domestic shorthair cat who loves to say what’s on his mind. This active boy is very smart and eager to learn everything that he can. Watch his progress on his Facebook VindalooANZ or on Instagram @vindaloo_the_spider_slayer. Read more

Kuma photo

Kuma is a 4-year-old terrier mix who is a very sweet boy ready to learn! He loves life and wants to be everyone’s friend. You can follow his progress on Instagram @anzhakuma_matata. Read more

Kiwi photo

Kiwi is a domestic shorthair cat excited to be enrolled in the ANZ program this year! He is a laid-back man who is ready to explore the world of cat training with his foster mom Josie. Is very food motivated and loves naps! Read more

Harper photo

Harper is a 10-month-old retriever mix who is excited to be here at Carroll College to learn how to be a good girl. Playing with toys is her favorite thing to do! She loves to make new friends and is excited to learn new things this year! You can follow her journey on Instagram @harper_the_halo. Read more