Adoptable Dogs

Adopt a Program Dog: Class of 2020 

The curriculum within Anthrozoology canine coursework is centered around students learning canine physiology, health, ethology, operant and classical conditioning, applied behavior analysis, animal sheltering, culture and conflict, olfaction, therapy and service work, as well as identifying possible career objectives. Anthrozoology student handlers work and live with their adoptable dog during the academic year.

Our adoptable dog program does not produce working dogs or therapy/service dogs. At the end of the academic year, they become lovely companion dogs. Each student walks away having had a unique experience impacting their understanding and perspective of the human-animal bond.

A part of the process involves sharing videos and photos with the public via social media, and screening potential adopters. In the Spring, Students interview potential adopters of their program dogs. The choice of adopter is based on compatibility, looking for the best home to suit the dog’s needs.

Please note, there is no guarantee a program dog will have the skills and interest to go onto more rigorous training - beyond Carroll College for service work. Dogs are selected based on their temperament, and capacities to learn in the campus environment.

Canine Graduation is in late April or early May. This celebration is open to the public and all adopting families. We are thankful for all the local humane societies that have partnered with us!

Important information:

  • All of the dogs belong to their respective regional shelters.  Potential owners will go through the shelter’s specific adoption process .
  • Contact us - If you would like more information about the Anthrozoology program, contact us at
  • For information about a specific dog, see the contact information that accompanies each dog's bio.
  • One way to provide substantial support for Anthrozoology’s canine program is through a $2,500 donation to sponsor a shelter dog for one year. Please contact Major Gifts Officer Kathy Ramirez at  or (406) 447-4445 if you’d like to talk about this or other ways to support our hard work!

Adoptable Dogs

Jimmy Joe Image 1

Update: Jimmy Joe has been adopted!

Meet Jimmy Joe!! He is a one-year old, Bernese Mountain Dog, and he is an absolute sweetheart! He is 72 pounds of love and fluff, and will continue to grow.  He is a very social pup who loves both humans and dogs by greeting every new one he meets to say hello. Jimmy Joe’s hobbies include running around in the snow, chomping on snowballs, and playing with his friends. He loves to be around you, and will be your work from home buddy by... Read more

Scout Image 1

 Update: Scout has been adopted!

Scout is a border collie Australian kelpie mix with boundless energy who is always willing to play. His favorite game is tug of war, but he also loves chasing sticks and running through the snow. Scout enjoys lying around and chewing on his toys, playing with a treat puzzle, and his absolute favorite activity is snuggling... Read more

Molly Photo

Update: Molly has been adopted!

Meet Molly! This gorgeous gal is a 1 year old Collie mix and she wants to be your new best friend. She’ll most likely be jumping for joy to have a new forever home! Molly’s got a lot of energy and would love to keep you company on any outdoor adventure or even a nice stroll around the park. She’s a great snow dog and will help make even the dreariest of winter days a little more exciting. She’s a social pup and likes to explore new grounds and meet... Read more

Wheeler Photo

UPDATE: Wheeler has been adopted!

Wheeler is a 5 year old Beagle who is ready for any adventure. He loves hiking, running for short distances, sniffing anything and everything, and of course snuggling his people. This boy loves the great outdoors, though he is a little skeptical about the safety of open water. He is also down to curl up next to you and snooze for a couple hours. He loves other dogs, but he does get some restraint frustration when he sees them. He also wouldn’t mind... Read more

Precious Photo

UPDATE! Precious has been adopted!

Precious is a one year old pittie mix, She is a medium sized dog who loves warm hugs and playing with a tug toy! Precious loves to play outside in the warm sun and tug on a toy with her fosters. She is a happy-go-lucky gal’ with a feisty spirit ready for new adventures. She loves taking drives in the car with you and she will be more than happy to walk into your arms... Read more

Bowser photo

Bowser is a six year old Great Dane mix that is so full of love. Snuggling and playing fetch are his two most favorite things to do! If you can believe it, he can curl up into the tiniest ball when he sleeps. He also enjoys car rides, eating snow, and playing with any human he can find. Bowser does not do well with other animals though, and would do best in a home with no other pets. Bowser also struggles with separation... Read more

Henry Photo

We’d like you all to meet Henry! Henry is a very large 115 pound, 7-year- old,  black labrador cross, and an absolute sweetheart. Henry enjoys warm naps and cuddles his favorite spot being on the couch with his head in your lap. But don’t think of summing Henry up as an old lay-about, just ask him if he wants to go for a walk. Henry loves to run and play with people he trusts. Henry is not perfect, he struggles... Read more

Lilly Photo

UPDATE:  Lilly has been adopted!

Lilly is a 4-year old female mix who loves to cuddle and follow you around like a shadow. She isn’t a fan of being left alone and would love to stick by your side all day long. Lilly can be a little nervous in new situations and tends to get carsick. While she would not like to be your swimming buddy, she would certainly love to be your cuddle buddy! Lilly loves... Read more

Taz Photo

UPDATE: Taz has been adopted!

Meet Tasmania, aka Taz, the soon to be 1 year old black cat and, I guess you could call her, black sheep of the Carroll College canine training program. This little lady is harness and leash trained, loves to climb trees and chase squirrels, and knows a few cool tricks including touch, sit, come, and soccer, to name a few. She’s courageous, adventurous, playful, friendly,... Read more

Smalls Photo

UPDATE: Smalls is adopted!

Smalls is a one year old Malamute, bloodhound cross who loves nothing more than to play and cuddle with his people. This big goofball enjoys playing chase and fetch in the yard, napping in the sun and cuddling up with his kitten friends. Smalls would do great with a moderately active family who he can hang out with most of the day. He is a very friendly boy and enjoys meeting... Read more