Adoptable Dogs

Adopt a Program Dog: Class of 2021

The curriculum within Anthrozoology canine coursework is centered around students learning canine physiology, health, ethology, operant and classical conditioning, applied behavior analysis, animal sheltering, culture and conflict, olfaction, therapy and service work, as well as identifying possible career objectives. Anthrozoology student handlers work and live with their adoptable dog during the academic year.

Our adoptable dog program does not produce working dogs or therapy/service dogs. At the end of the academic year, they become lovely companion dogs. Each student walks away having had a unique experience impacting their understanding and perspective of the human-animal bond.

A part of the process involves sharing videos and photos with the public via social media, and screening potential adopters. In the Spring, Students interview potential adopters of their program dogs. The choice of adopter is based on compatibility, looking for the best home to suit the dog’s needs.

Please note, there is no guarantee a program dog will have the skills and interest to go onto more rigorous training - beyond Carroll College for service work. Dogs are selected based on their temperament, and capacities to learn in the campus environment.

Canine Graduation is in late April or early May. This celebration is open to the public and all adopting families. We are thankful for all the local humane societies that have partnered with us!

Important information:

  • All of the dogs belong to their respective regional shelters.  Potential owners will go through the shelter’s specific adoption process.
  • Contact us - If you would like more information about the Anthrozoology program, contact us at
  • For information about a specific dog, see the contact information that accompanies each dog's bio. If you are interested in adopting, please fill out our adoption application, and we will get back to you within a week.
  • One way to provide substantial support for Anthrozoology’s canine program is through a $2,500 donation to sponsor a shelter dog for one year. Please contact Major Gifts Officer Kathy Ramirez at  or (406) 447-4445 if you’d like to talk about this or other ways to support our hard work!

Adoptable Dogs

Timber Picture

This semester Timber has been working on a number of skills, including his skills on stay and recall and his ability to lay down on command! Next semester we are hoping to do some work with pressure therapy and some other skills to help people. Timber has an impressive yoga routine he employs each morning to stretch out his long legs. Not only is he a master of stretches, but he’s also a world class cuddler. He would do wonderful in a relaxed home with people who are willing to spend a bit... Read more

Indy Picture

Hi everyone. My name is Indy. I’m currently living with my foster moms at Carroll College. This school year I am participating in the Carroll College Anthrozoology program. I have been learning a great deal while living here. I’ve been told that I’m very smart and eager to learn. I’ve been learning to sit, lay down, and stay. My foster moms and I have also been working on crate training and walking on a long line. I’ve learned some fun tricks like speak and to go over a small jump when my... Read more

Duncan Picture

This year Duncan and his fosters have been working on basic obedience and getting him to fit well into the foster’s lives. He is a beautiful black and white husky mix with the most striking blue eyes you’ll ever see. Duncan is very intelligent and teachable, and he picks up on obedience behaviors and tricks very quickly. He is very athletic and eager to be outside and run or play. His fosters have even trained him to jump through hula hoops and do burpees to help get his energy out every day... Read more

Cooper Picture

Cooper is a fun boy who loves digging in the river, playing tug, chewing on bones, and hiking! Mr. Coop is motivated to train and loves to learn new things! He is looking for an active home that gives him an outlet for his energy. This past semester we have been working on tricks such as crawling, weaving through our legs, and having Cooper jump over us! He has also been working on basic obedience skills such as sit, down, stay, touch, and is practicing for the Canine Good Citizen test! Next... Read more

Bailey Picture

Bailey is a Beagle-Boston Terrier mix from the Humane Society. She is approximately 5 years old. Over the last few months, Bailey has been working on a lot of new skills and tasks. We have worked on fun exercises such as weaving through legs and playing catch by having her bounce the ball off her nose. Bailey has also learned some very impressive training exercises including how to politely greet a friend/dog and also how to loose-leash walk and maintain consistent eye contact when we are... Read more

Cheese Picture

Cheese is an energetic 1-year-old Pit Bull/Bull Terrier mix who is deaf. She came into the Anthrozoology program with her buddy Mac, making them the Mac & Cheese duo. Some of her favorite things to do are crawl across the ground, chase leaves, eat cream cheese, play tug-o-war, go on long walks, and give kisses. Cheese is always happy to see everyone and loves leaning into people during pets! Her training this semester consisted of basic obedience: sit, stay, down, loose leash walking,... Read more

Mac Picture

Mac is an approximately 1-year old Huskey mix that came into the humane society. This boisterous happy go lucky guy is ready to learn. Mac has been working with three main handlers this year. All of the handlers are juniors in the Anthrozoology program striving for a lifetime career with animals. The first semester with Mac has been all about getting him comfortable to understand some of his behaviors and how we can adapt them. We have mostly been working on Mac’s reactions with other dogs,... Read more