Alumni Successes


Portrait of Veronica Jones

Class of: 2016

I majored in Theology because I wanted to learn more about the history and development of the Christian faith. 

Majoring in theology has allowed me to come into contact with people who are all passionate about Christianity and strive to...Read more

Portrait of John Gleaves

Class of: 2006

John Gleaves, PhD graduated Maximum Cum Laude from Carroll College in 2006 with a majors in both Philosophy and Theology and a minor in History. He was also a member of the Honors Scholars program. In 2007, John enrolled directly into the Pennsylvania...Read more


Snapshot of Katie Ryan Smiling

Class of: 2015

Major: Biology;  Minor: Theology

I really enjoyed the moral theology courses I was taking and decided to push it further.  The balance between the black and white nature of biology and...Read more


Portrait of Matthew Christiaens

Class of: 2015

Major: Psychology; Minor: Theology 

I decided to be a theology minor because I was struggling in my Psychology major.  It really bothered me that a person’s faith life was simply dismissed in many areas of psychology.  I wanted...Read more

Portrait of Taylor Stewart

Class of: 2015

B.S. Biology/B.A. Theology

I chose Theology as a major because I was interested in the development of ethical systems, including those rooted in scripture, historical social teaching, and developed from moral theology.

Theology has...Read more

Portrait of Stephanie Pung

Class of: 2006

"I’m not a theologian in the traditional sense, but the person I am today and work that I do is largely the result of studying theology at Carroll. I chose to major in theology because I found that the classes and the professors challenged me to...Read more

Portrait of Nick Mazanec

Class of: 2005

“My experience with the Carroll College Theology Department was an enlightening and rewarding one. I found myself participating in the open and encouraging atmosphere of my theology classes. It was thrilling to study primary theological texts...Read more

Fr Jeffrey Fleming portrait

Class of: 1988

Father Jeffery Fleming attended Carroll College from 1984-1988 where he earned a bachelor’s degree in theology and religious education. Fr. Fleming attended Mount Angel Seminary in Saint Benedict, Oregon (1988-1992) and earned...Read more

Classical Studies

Snapshot of Nathan Pawelek on Graduation Day

Class of: 2013

B.A. Philosophy and Theology with a minor in Classical Studies 2013

I graduated from Carroll in 2013, majoring in Philosophy and Theology with a minor in Classical Studies.

Right after graduation I took a high school teaching position...Read more