Alumni Successes


Portrait of Jessica Knapp with a view of a village in the background

Class of: 2015

B.A. Philosophy 2015

I graduated in Fall 2015 with a degree in philosophy. My philosophy thesis was entitled,An Investigation of the Self as relational and the propensity for evil produced from indifference towards human relationships. ...Read more

Taylor Peliska Abroad and Dancing

Class of: 2014

B.A. Philosophy 2014

Philosophy, to me, is lived. It’s interactive. One of the most important things I took leaving Carroll College is that, no matter how much you read philosophy, write about it, think about it, (all great things!) the basis...Read more

Alex Woelkers walking with young students abroad

Class of: 2008

B.A. Philosophy and Theology with a minor in Mathematics 2008

I graduated in 2008 with a double major in Theology and Philosophy and minor in Mathematics. My honors thesis was in theology: The Theology of John Ziziuoulas: Contributions to...Read more

Portrait of Cole Mannix

Class of: 2007

B.A. Philosophy and Biology 2007

What is philosophy to me? To me, philosophy is striving to understand what is in order to best inform how to be. Or in other words, what to do with my limited time.

I received my degree from Carroll in...Read more


Black and White Portrait of Mark McLean

Class of: 2013

B.A. Philosophy and French 2013

After receiving a B.A. in Philosophy and French from Carroll College in 2013 and my M.A. in Philosophy from KU Leuven in Leuven, Belgium in September 2015, I am currently enrolled in the the MPhil program at KU...Read more

Classical Studies

Snapshot of Nathan Pawelek on Graduation Day

Class of: 2013

B.A. Philosophy and Theology with a minor in Classical Studies 2013

I graduated from Carroll in 2013, majoring in Philosophy and Theology with a minor in Classical Studies.

Right after graduation I took a high school teaching position...Read more


Portrait of John Gleaves

Class of: 2006

John Gleaves, PhD graduated Maximum Cum Laude from Carroll College in 2006 with a majors in both Philosophy and Theology and a minor in History. He was also a member of the Honors Scholars program. In 2007, John enrolled directly into the Pennsylvania...Read more