Hanna Roberts

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Hanna Roberts
  • Psychology

Class of: 2017

I was born and raised on Raft Island, WA where I quickly fell in love with horseback riding. After competing in three day eventing from age five to the present, I realized how much horses can positively impact people. This inspired me to learn more about equine therapy which led me to attend Carroll College specifically for their anthrozoology major. Once at Carroll I quickly fell in love with the psychology department and began to pursue a career in the mental health field with the hopes to help horses heal humans by offering equine facilitated psychotherapy as a complimentary treatment method.


I'm currently preparing to begin graduate school at the University of Montana for the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at the end of May. Since I graduated Carroll, I had been working as a mental health specialist in the school based services at Intermountain here in Helena. During this time I worked with adolescents with serious emotional disturbances by providing them mental health services and support at school. I've also been working closely with Dr. Honzel as we are in the process of getting my senior honors thesis research published in a journal.

I think that the biggest impact that the Carroll Psych program had was the continuous support from each and every professor. I was able to work closely with each faculty member who helped prepare me to work in the field as well as getting accepted into a grad program. From GRE prep to helping me write my personal statement, all of the psychology professors helped me get into my top choice grad school. It's rare to be part of a program where the professors are so invested in their students' well being and professional/academic success, but it has been that support that has helped me get to where I am now.