Alumni Successes


Alyssa Young portrait

Class of: 2020

Alyssa Young, from St. Ignatius, Montana, graduated from Carroll in 2020 with a dual degree in French & Francophone Studies and International Relations.

During her time at Carroll, Alyssa studied abroad for a semester at the Université...Read more

Alex Cochell Profile Picture

Class of: 2019

Alex Cochell graduated from Carroll in 2019 with Bachelor’s Degrees in International Relations, Political Science, and French (and an Associate’s Degree in India Studies). While at Carroll, Alex traveled to India and Morocco for studies and service....Read more

Class of: 2019

Gabrielle (Gabi) Moreau is from Gurnee, Illinois, but largely grew up abroad in Italy and South Korea.  With a passion for French language and deep interest in international affairs, she graduated from Carroll College in...Read more

Marija Nicksic photo

Class of: 2018

Marija Nicksic graduated from Carroll in 2018 with a dual degree in French and History. Her senior year, she completed her French capstone project as an independent research paper on Pierre Falcon, a French-Canadian-Native American, fur-trapping poet...Read more

Elizabeth Baker on the beach with the ocean in the background

Class of: 2013

Elizabeth Ternes graduated from Carroll in 2013 with majors in French and History. During her time at Carroll, she studied abroad in Caen, France. After graduation, she taught English in France as part of the TAPIF program. She completed a Masters in...Read more

Black and White Portrait of Mark McLean

Class of: 2013

B.A. Philosophy and French 2013

After receiving a B.A. in Philosophy and French from Carroll College in 2013 and my M.A. in Philosophy from KU Leuven in Leuven, Belgium in September 2015, I am currently enrolled in the the MPhil program at KU...Read more

Katie Beall photo

Class of: 2009

Katie Beall graduated from Carroll in 2009 with a BA in French and History. She studied abroad at the Université de Pau, and subsequently taught English in France as part of the TAPIF program. She graduated in 2016 from the University of Denver with...Read more

Mary Younger photo

Class of: 1974

Mary Younger graduated from Carroll in 1974 with a BA in French. As a junior, she studied abroad in Switzerland. After graduation, she served in the Peace Corps in Cameroon, teaching English in the French-speaking part of the country, and is still...Read more


Carter Anderson Profile Picture

Class of: 2019

Carter Anderson graduated from Carroll in 2019. As a freshman pre-med student, Carter happened upon his passion for language and earned degrees in biology and French. His senior year, he completed a virtual portfolio outlining how French has...Read more