Alumni Successes

English for Secondary Education

Kristina McGee Image

Class of: 2019

It has been an odd few months following graduation. The summer was like any other. But as the days wrapped up I did not return to Carroll College like I had the year before. Instead, I unpacked boxes in a rural Montana town known as Glasgow...Read more


Portrait of Cassandra Offt

Class of: 2018

I'm currently finishing my Masters in Teaching at Washington State University and I'm headed into a career as a high school English teacher.

The academic experience at Carroll College was really comprehensive and has been a huge part of my...Read more

Portrait of Jay Bouchard

Class of: 2015

After graduating from Carroll in 2015 with an English degree and a restless heart, I moved to Chicago to pursue a Master's degree at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

For a kid who grew up in New Hampshire and grew wiser (...Read more

Portrait of Kelsey Fallis Outside

Class of: 2014

Shortly after graduation in 2014, I accepted a position as a grant and development writer here at Carroll College.  I didn’t set out my freshman year to major in English with the end goal of becoming a grant writer, but Carroll’s courses and...Read more

Snapshot of Emily Stueven

Class of: 2011

After finishing up my student-teaching semester and graduating from Carroll in 2010, I was hired to teach English at Helena High School in Helena, Montana. That's where I am now: teaching sophomores and juniors...Read more

Snapshot of Mike Nania standing in the ocean with a snorkle on

Class of: 2007

Several years ago I climbed a mountain peak along the Kepler track in Fiordland, New Zealand. As an avid outdoorsman, I did what any good mountaineer does when they find this rare type of breathtaking solitude- I sat down to reflect. Gazing out over...Read more

Portrait of Amanda Taylor

Class of: 2006

Dumbledore tells Harry Potter in The Chamber of Secrets that “it is our choices [. . .] that show what we truly are, more than our abilities.” I find many things of value in J.K. Rowling’s books, but the emphasis upon our choices really resonates with...Read more

Portrait of Virginia Reeves

Class of: 2000

Virginia Reeves is a graduate of the Michener Center for Writers at the University of Texas at Austin. Her fiction has appeared in The Common and The Baltimore Review and has been short-listed for the Tennessee Williams Fiction...Read more

Portrait of Bishop George Leo Thomas

Class of: 1972

During the past thirty five years, I have served the Church as priest and bishop. 

The path to priesthood requires many years of graduate study. After ordination, a priest's pastoral responsibilities often entail a demanding schedule of...Read more