Fall Orientation

New Student Orientation

We’re very excited to welcome you to campus this fall! The New Student Online Orientation is designed to provide you with essential information related to academic requirements and campus resources at Carroll. In addition, online orientation provides you with the opportunity to make valuable connections with current faculty, staff and students.

New Student Online Orientation Schedule 

Students and Parents, we welcome you to join us for three online sessions over the summer. These sessions are created to give you the information needed to be successful as a new college student. You will receive the links to these sessions via email, so we ask both parents and students to continue checking your email. We will also post the links below as well as details on many more important orientation topics. It is very important that you become familiar with this web page.

Small group sessions for new students

Over the summer, students will be invited to three small group zoom meetings which will be led by your Core Team Leader. These sessions last only 30 minutes and are designed to be laid back and fun.  You will receive important information, and have the opportunity to ask questions, and meet some of your fellow classmates.  Most importantly these sessions will remove your fears, and give you the confidence to start your college career at Carroll. Your Core Team Director will contact you by email with the time and link for these zoom meetings. Again, please check your email often for the information you need.

Three Online Sessions

There are three important online sessions for new students and parents to attend.

Session 1: "Residential Community: Your guide to moving-in, making friends, and keeping our community safe." | This Online Session has been recorded and can be viewed here and using the Password: D%6GqctD

Welcome to your new home! Residential Life at Carroll is key to helping students meet others, get involved in exciting groups, and contributing to your new college community. Meet the Director of Residential Life & Housing and the Dean of Students, and begin to get a feel for how your new home helps you become a Saint. This is a session to give you an overview of Move-in Day, what to expect in the Residence Halls, and keeping ourselves and others safe and healthy on campus. Personal health and safety, including watching out for one another at Carroll is just what Saints do. We'll help you to get acquainted with the people and tools here to help you and the responsibilities we all have in and to our community.

Session 2: "Academic Success at Carroll" | This Online Session has been recorded and can be viewed here and using the Password: DtwZxl@0
At Carroll, we are committed to providing students with the academic support and resources necessary for academic achievement, campus engagement and life-long success.  In this session, staff from the Saints Success Center/Academic Support & Advising and the Library will share the many ways that we support our students through advising, career services, accommodations, testing, tutoring, library services, and more.  You'll also hear about opportunities that support the "Sed Vita" part of the Carroll motto including study abroad, nationally competitive scholarships, and internships.

Session 3: "A Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit" | This Online Session has been recorded and can be viewed here and using the Password: 5sY2h$mi
At Carroll, we are committed to providing students the necessary resources to remain healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually. In this session staff from the Wellness Center will share information on the health center, counseling, and COVID-19. The Student Activities staff will share information about staying physically healthy by visiting the HAC, getting involved with the CAMP outdoor program, intramurals, and other student activities.  Fr. Marc and the Campus Ministry team will share opportunities to continue your spiritual journey at Carroll. The focus of this session is how to keep your mind, body, and spirit healthy as a new student with a busy schedule.

Helpful Tips for Move-in Day

  • Dress comfortably. Students and parents will be dressed in casual clothes for Move-In Day. Wear comfortable shoes or sandals.
  • Stay hydrated. Think about bringing a water bottle that you can refill between walks to campus buildings.
  • Eat regular meals. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner on Move-In Day to stay energized for unpacking, meeting new people and attending programs.
  • Introduce yourself. Introduce yourself to everyone you meet, sit next to in a program, or visit with while sitting outside between sessions.
  • Run errands. Know that you will have time to shop locally in Helena for room supplies, toiletries and groceries. Use free time to run errands.
  • Ask questions. Ask any and all questions that you may have. If you need more time with a presenter, approach the speaker after a session is concluded.
  • Have fun. Whether you are a new student or the parent of a new student, enjoy the start of this adventure at Carroll College!

Move-In Information

  • To maintain our social distancing guidelines, we created a staggered schedule for our new student arrival time.  You will receive your assigned day and time of arrival in an email from Residential Life and Housing. We will work with those who have special situations to assure you receive an arrival day and time that works for you. With that said, we ask for everyone's help by arriving on the day and at the time assigned. 
  • We ask that parents plan to come to campus for only one day. We will have a parent blessing and sending forth on both the evenings of the August 14-15.  Students and parents will receive a schedule of events when you arrive. We will also post this schedule online.
  • We are currently working on a schedule of events for the arrival dates of August 14-15. Both days will include time to move in, a parent blessing and sending forth, and floor meetings.
  • August 16 will be a day where students can choose among many fun events to attend all day long. All events will be done with social distancing guidelines. Students will receive a menu of events to sign up for when they arrive.

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