ASCC Student Government

2019-20 ASCC Executive Board

President: Emma Nylin
Vice President: Krysten Abboud
Treasurer: Hope Welhaven
Director of Communications: Savannah Hoikkala

We are excited to announce our 2019-2020 ASCC Senate:

Senior Senators:
Rachel Bechtel, Connor Hague, Sydney Sentieri, Peyton Van Pevenage

Junior Senators:
Madysen Hachler, Hannah Lesnick, Nathaniel Smith, Siobhan O'Neil 

Sophomore Senators:
Tracy Ackerett, Shae Bills, Shelby Sola

There are three more Sophomores that would like to run for the Senate but returned applications after the deadline. We will have a election for the last remaining spot at the same time the Freshman Senate Elections take place at the start of the 2019-2020 academic year.

ASCC Executive Council

The ASCC Executive Council is the executive branch of the ASCC. The ASCC Executive Council’s primary responsibility is to gather student concerns and to present viable solutions to the Senate in the form of Bills of Legislature. In addition, the ASCC Executive Council is charged with maintaining the communicational bridge between students and administrators of Carroll College. All agencies within the ASCC are answerable to their respective Executive Officers who preside in the Executive Council.

Questions or Concerns?

Contact communications director Savannah Hoikkala at

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