ASCC Student Government

ASCC Executive Council

The ASCC Executive Council is the executive branch of the ASCC. The ASCC Executive Council’s primary responsibility is to gather student concerns and to present viable solutions to the Senate in the form of Bills of Legislature. In addition, the ASCC Executive Council is charged with maintaining the communicational bridge between students and administrators of Carroll College. All agencies within the ASCC are answerable to their respective Executive Officers who preside in the Executive Council.

2017-18 ASCC Executive Board

Your ASCC Executive Board:

  • President: Daniel Olszewski
  • Vice President: Dylan Young-Vazquez
  • Treasurer: Nate Boone
  • Communications Director: Lizzy Younce

2017-18 ASCC Senators

Senators for each class:

  • Freshmen: Faith Uhlenkott, Sabrina Crooks, Siobhan O'Neill, April Romero
  • Sophomores: Joseph Kiefer, Brett Rotz, Hope Welhaven, Connor Hague
  • Juniors: Carter Anderson, Kylee Bailey , Jordan Bowman, Reegan DeBruycker
  • Seniors: Jonathan Faber, Kerri McInnis, Amanda Harrod, Paige Fickler

Questions or Concerns?

Contact communications director Lizzy Younce at

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