Student Clubs

Student clubs are a great way to get involved with the Carroll Community. We have clubs for majors, interests, and sports... you name it!

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These student clubs are all ways to get involved with the Carroll Community.  We have clubs for majors, interests, and sports. If you have any questions about a particular club, contact your ASCC. Find out how to begin your own club at Carroll College.

Each official club has a vote in the ASCC House of Representatives. Every club is represented by one person, and they bring feedback and information from their clubs to the student government. Club meetings are scheduled by each club separately. For more information about a specific club, contact their representative by email.

Student Clubs

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
Mission: To introduce undergraduate engineers to engineering firms and engineering projects so that they are better prepared after graduation.
Representative: Elly Schmeltzer
Gary Fischer

American Water Works Association Club (AWWA)
Mission: The American Water Works Association is an international, nonprofit, scientific and educational society dedicated to providing total water solutions assuring the effective management of water. Founded in 1881, the Association is the largest organization of water supply professionals in the world. Find out more

Representative: Antonio Rainieri
Gary Fischer

Mission: To bring people together to share in a common love of animals.
Ali Hance 
Advisor: Marie Suthers

Mission: As you could have guessed, this club meets often to look at the stars! This is great with the new telescope in the observatory on campus.
Representative & Advisor: David Rotness

Carroll Cavea Club (Theatre)
Mission: The goal of Carroll Cavea is to involve as many students and faculty as possible in the performance and appreciation of theater shows, scenes, games and community in both the fall and spring semesters. The purposes of Cavea are as follows:

Get a large number of interested students and faculty to participate in a non-performance based theatrical community;

  • Introduce new actors and actresses to theatre games, scenes, and viewings;
  • Provide students and faculty with a fun, safe environment to meet new people;
  • Perform small plays to boost actor’s talent and resume.
  • To create a safe place for artistic exploration and expression in a supportive theatrical community.

Representative: Emma Russell: 
Advisor: Chuck Driscoll

Carroll Crazies
Mission: to support our Carroll College teams by showing up to the games to cheer, and encourage our fellow students in a positive and helpful way.
Representative: Daniel Olszewski
Katie Nichols

CCPC (Carroll College Physics Club)
Mission: The Carroll College Physics Club strives to engage in physics experiments, news, and concepts, and to educate students and the community on the benefits of learning physics.  
Representative: Daniel Guthrie,
 Dr. Benjamin Grossmann

CCSMD (pre-med/dental)
Mission: CCSMD's goal is expose and educate Carroll College's pre-med and pre-dent students about the world of healthcare and about the process of becoming a great dentist or physician.
Representatives:  Saxton Sykes (Pre-med) & Cole Funseth (Pre-dent)
Dan Gretch

CCSNA (Carroll College Student Nurses Association)
Mission: CCSNA brings students together helping further the growth of nursing in various ways, such as involving students with community projects and working together to gain awareness regarding a variety of healthcare issues.
Devan Murfitt Advisor: Kim Garrison

Circle K
Mission: Developing college and university students into a global network of responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to service.
Representative: Ben Dulaney
: Patrick Harris

COT (Carroll Outreach Team)
Mission: The mission of COT is to bring together students, faculty, alumni, and other friends of Carroll College to provide direct service and aid to people in need, at home and around the world. Working directly with professionals in health care, engineering, and education, students will provide direct assistance as well as monetary aid to work with organizations or individuals already on the ground in developing countries or areas of need within the U.S.
Representative: Jessica Schmitz,
Dr. Chris Fuller

Democrats Club
Mission: We are a group of students who identify with the MT Democratic Party (no official affiliation) and work to improve the general civic engagement and political activism of our members and of the Carroll community as a whole as well as representing and promoting the values of the Montana Democratic Party in the Carroll Community. Over the last few years, this has included watch parties for major civic events such as elections, debates, hosting candidates for public office, and voter registration efforts.
Representative: George Wolcott,
Advisor: Dr. Jeremy Johnson

Education Club
Mission: Education Club is a club for education majors! We have meetings that will help education majors form a community to perform community service, offer portfolio help, and fun activities.
Representative: Sarah Denning
Dr. Joe Helbling

Mission: Thank you for your interested in joining Enactus. We invite you to contact Annette Ryerson to learn more about our partnership between business and higher education that is preparing the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders to create a better world for everyone.
Representative; Jessica Schmitz,
Advisor: Annette Ryerson

Engineers without Borders
Mission: EWB-USA partners with developing communities to improve their quality of life through implementation of environmentally and economically sustainable engineering projects, while developing and fostering a relationship among internationally responsible engineers.
Representative: Hannah Sylvester
Advisor: John Scharf

Esports Club
Mission: Coming soon.
Representative: Samson Jones 
: Erik Rose

Feminists Advocating Equality
Mission: To provide an environment for discussions on the topic of feminism and equality, and to allow Carroll students the opportunity to explore their beliefs and convictions, and become educated on topics of equality in our society.
Co-presidents: Ruah (Sophia) Ferst and Madison Fernandez
Advisor: Dr. Debra Bernardi 

Film Club
Mission: This club shall provide an environment where students that enjoy film can meet, view, and discuss films. Additionally, this club will work together in order to create films for the many students of Carroll College to enjoy.
Representative: Chase Engle
Advisor: Edward Noonan

F.R.E.E. University
Mission: Carroll College seeks to train, equip, and empower the students at Carroll College to raise awareness of sex-trafficking and take a stand in their groups, on the canpus and in the city of Helena.
Representative: Sophia Rodriguez
Advisor: Alan Hanson, Chris Fuller, and Kari Rice

Gamin' Saints
Mission: Provide a place where Carroll students can show the value of gaming to the broader Helena and Montana community, while promoting a friendly, open environment for socialization and community building.
Representative: Ian Kirby
Advisor: Molly Sumridge

Gardening Club
Mission: To provide fresh produce, as well as a basis in gardening experience, to all interested members of the Carroll Community. As we like to say: “In Gardening Club, we grow together”.
Representative: Augustus Krier-Ness 
: Stefanie Otto-Hitt

Green Honors Society
Mission: The Green Honors Society was developed in 2011 to promote sustainable environmental practices, service to the community, and academic excellence
Representative: Alex Kurtz
Advisor: Gerald Schafer

GSA (Gay Straight Alliance)
Mission: To help support GLBT's within our college and encourage their acceptance, including, but not limited to, no-discrimination. To preserve and promote the Catholic Church's teaching regarding human dignity.
Representative: Miriam Jensen,
Advisor: Dean Pavlakis

Health Science Club
Mission: To bring together a strong student and faculty community devoted to health related careers both in health science and the public health community. This club is for any student interested in a career in the health science or publi health fields.
Representative: Macala Fifield
Advisor: Katie Wagner

Hockey Club
Mission: To create a Carroll College hockey team and join a hockey league to compete against other colleges.
Representative: Cole Funseth
Advisor: Brad Maddock

Love Your Melon
Mission: Love Your Melon is an apparel brand dedicated to giving a hat to every child battling cancer in America as well as supporting nonprofit organizations who lead the fight against pediatric cancer.
Representative: Mackenna Landis
Advisor: Cheri Long

Psychology Club
Mission: Providing Psychology majors with an opportunity to raise awareness about mental health and help break the social stigma.
Representative: Courtenay Sherick,
Faculty Advisor: Jessica McManus

Rock Climbing Team
Mission:To provide students with a fun group of people to rock climb and compete with. To provide access to the fun, friendly, and cooperative spirit of climbing competitions. To provide a space at Carroll in which to climbers of all skill levels can be challenged and learn to improve their climbing.
Representative: Keaton Blair,
Faculty Advisor:Bradly Maddock

Saints For Life
Mission: A club who promotes the dignity of every human person from conception to natural death. They recognize the inherent value of each human being and believe all lives deserve a lifetime. 
Representative: Elisa Zepeda,
Advisor: TBD

Saints to the Front (ROTC)
To provide students interested in military science the opportunity to learn more about the United States Army and the role it serves on the domestic and foreign theater. To educate students on leadership and improve their leadership abilities through activity and training.
Erin Reich,
Advisor: Janet Sheehy

SSDS (Saints Swing Dance Society)
Making sure that people have a chance to get to dance the night away instead of grinding away at the clock.
Ryanne Lawson

Sociology Club
This club shall provde students of sociology the opportunity to pursue interests and obtain relevant knowledge in the discipline and to engage in activities leading to human welfare. It shall provde a forum where students and faculty can interact on an informal basis.
Megan Brouwer,
Jamie Dolan

Ultimate Frisbee Club
Mission: To introduce the activity of Ultimate Frisbee to the Carroll Community, in hopes of creating a fun safe environment, in which those participation can build character and enjoy a healthy activity.
Delaney Lester,
Faculty Advisor: Fr. Marc Lenneman

Saints for St. Jude
"Fight the yawn - stay awake to cure childhood cancer." That's the motto of Up 'til Dawn, the coolest philanthropic program to hit college campuses across the nation. This student-led, student-run fundraiser is hosted by more than 180 campuses nationwide. Up 'til Dawn unites students, staff, and their local communities with a goal to help the children of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Students who lead Up 'til Dawn on their campuses educate the community about St. Jude while raising money through a variety of activities. At the end of the program, we host a Finale Event and stay "Up 'til Dawn" celebrating their achievements and honoring the patients at St. Jude. Students "fight the yawn" so that St. Jude patients can grow up and go to college, too.
Simrit Gill:
Jake Samuelson

Yoga Club
The purpose of this club is to increase and support health and wellness by bringing yoga to Carroll's community. In this club, we strive to introduce the many benefits of yoga to Carroll students by organizing and running events that are fun and accessible on campus.
Roma Seal
Erica Campeau

Other groups that you can participate in at Carroll that are not actually clubs:

CAMP (Carroll Adventure and Mountaineering Program)
Mission: CAMP is dedicated to hleping Carroll students enjoy the great outdoors through mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, climbing, skiing, snowshoeing, wilderness training, and various other outdoor activities
Representative: Ty Northrup: Advisor: Brad Maddock,

Gold Team Ambassadors
Mission: Gold Team Ambassadors help out in the Admission Office and want to make sure that you enjoy your Carroll visit experience. They enjoy meeting students who are considering Carroll and would love to tell you more about the Carroll community! This, however, is a paid position and students are encouraged to apply when applications are open. Students interested in applying should contact Kaycee Ransom ( in the Admissions Office.

Intercultural Students Network
Mission: The network has been created with the goal of enabling students from underrepresented communities to engage in meaningful intercultural experiences and dialogues with peers, faculty, staff, and our communities inside and outside of Carroll College. As part of our collaboration, we seek to increase the visibility of diversity on our campus and in the greater/larger Helena community. By facilitating peer support groups, faculty mentoring, cultural awareness, and community involvement, the network seeks to support retention, academic excellence, and the personal growth of socially and historically underrepresented students.
Representative: Jakelin Ortiz:
Advisor: Soumitree Gupta

Peer Ministers
Mission: This is an organization of Carroll's Campus Ministry. Peer Ministers are ministers to every corner of campus. If you have questions about Mass schedule, the Bible, or local church services, Peer Ministers are the place to go. There is a Peer Minister on every floor in the Freshman and Sophomore dorms.
Representative: Fr. Marc Lenneman:

Prospector Newspaper
To tell the Carroll Story and write stories about events and people at Carroll College. Those interested in working on the Prospector need to get in touch with the paper's advisor, Brent Northup.
Contact: (406) 447-4501 or