Student Clubs

Student clubs are a great way to get involved with the Carroll Community. We have clubs for majors, interests, and sports... you name it!

Get involved

These student clubs are all ways to get involved with the Carroll Community.  We have clubs for majors, interests, and sports. If you have any questions about a particular club, contact your ASCC. Find out how to begin your own club at Carroll College.

Each official club has a vote in the ASCC House of Representatives. Every club is represented by one person, and they bring feedback and information from their clubs to the student government. Club meetings are scheduled by each club separately. For more information about a specific club, contact their representative by email.

Student Clubs

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
Mission: To help students prepare themselves for entry into the Civil Engineering profession and into society as a whole through group activities, team problem solving, and hands-on experience.
Representative: Sarah Homberg,
Advisor: Gary Fischer

Anthrozoology (ANZ) Club
Mission: To bring people together to share in a common love of animals. To provide a safe space for all students to communicate interests and ideas to help better the relationship between humans and animals. All students are welcome.
Representative: Cortni Robson,
Advisor: Margo DeMello

Mission: CC.mpwrmnt and the victim advocate center were created to continue and increase the conversation around sexual assault one Saint at a time. We strive to use our club as a place to advocate for victims, provide teaching for the community, and help to decrease the stigma associated with victims.
Representatives: Anna Darling, and Bray Holmes
Advisor: Kelly Parsley

Carroll College Queer-Straight Alliance (QSA)
Mission: To help support the LGBTQ community within our college community and encourage their acceptance, to educate and create a learning experience for the Carroll community on LGBTQ issues and tear down the barriers of bigotry and discrimination, to create and increase the voice for LGBTQ students who have yet to find a voice of their own. To further human rights and human dignity, especially within this Catholic Community, and to preserve and promote the Catholic Church’s teaching regarding human dignity.
Representative: Ian Rausch,
Advisor: Dr. Dean Pavlakis

Carroll College Pre-Medical Club (PMC)
Mission: Carroll PMC strives to turn the hopes and dreams of pre-medical students into realities. Our mission is to solidify and assist in any Carroll student’s decision and journey towards a future career in medicine.
Representatives: Taylor Leistiko, and Peyton Lipp,
Advisor: Dr. Grant Hokit

Carroll College Student Nurses Association (CCSNA)
Mission: CCSNA brings students together helping further the growth of nursing in various ways, such as involving students with community projects and working together to gain awareness regarding a variety of healthcare issues.
Representative: Jordan Diehl,
Advisor: Terri John

Carroll College Student Veterans Organization
Mission: We exist and strive for Carroll College's student veterans and their success, by providing resources, network support and advocacy to, through, and beyond their higher education journey. Our vision is to empower student veterans to lead and live their best lives in our community and beyond.
Representative: David Donnelly,
Advisor: Brandy Keely

Cat Training Club
Mission: To bring together students who are interested in cats, animal training and the promotion of cat welfare in the Carroll Community and the public at large. Members are not required to have their own cat to join!
Representative: Fiona Picchi,
Advisor: Molly Sumridge

Circle K
Mission: Developing college and university students into a global network of responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to service.
Representative: Henry Phillip,
Advisor: Dr. Jamie Dolan

Climbing Club
Mission: To promote the sport of climbing throughout Carroll College. We strive to create a community of climbers of all abilities to come together and have fun climbing.
Representative: Caleb Smith
Advisor: Bradley Maddock

Collar Scholars Club
Mission: Collar Scholars at Carroll College is a puppy raising group with the goal of raising puppies that will become service dogs through CanineCompanions for Independence. Canine Companions is a nationally affiliated and non-profit organization that provides service dogs for people with disabilities free of charge. This club at Carroll consists of puppy raisers, puppy sitters, and general members who all work together to raise puppies that will become service dogs through Canine Companions. There will be meetings and training circles for the dogs, community service events, and fundraising that everyone can participate in. Students of any major are welcome to join!
Representative: Megan Arnold,
Advisor: Molly Sumridge

Education Club
Mission: Education club is committed to helping future teachers form a supportive community, and providing additional educational resources. This is accomplished through conversations with professors, peers, and local teachers.
Representative: Feliz Fernandez,
Advisor: Robert Stansberry

Engineers Without Borders
Mission: We are a student chapter associated with EWB-USA, which is a non-profit organization that partners with developing communities to improve their quality of life through the implementation of environmentally and economically sustainable engineering projects while developing and fostering a relationship among internationally responsible engineers. Yet, Engineers WIthout Borders is not restricted to those interested in engineering! It helps teach students of all kinds about different cultures, health and safety practices, ways to aid underserved populations, and so much more.
Representative: Alyssa Gnoyski,
Advisor: Dr. David Hokit

ESports Club
Mission: Uniting Carroll students in a safe, friendly community for the sake of competing in competitive gaming tournaments against colleges and universities all over the country.
Representatives: Ethan Melton,, Darrien Thomas, KT Joy
Advisor: Eric Rose

Gamin Saints (Gaming Club)
Mission: Provide a place where Carroll students can show the value of gaming to the broader Helena and Montana community, while promoting a friendly, open environment for socialization and community building.
Representatives: Ethan Melton,, Darrien Thomas, KT Joy
Advisor: Molly Sumridge

Lacrosse Club
Mission: To bring a love of the sport of lacrosse to Carroll College and the greater Helena area, and to compete with other schools in a fun and sportsmen like manner.
Representative: Alex Coulter
Advisor: Fr. Marc Lenneman

Pre-Veterinary Club
Mission: The Carroll College Pre-Veterinary Club seeks to unite students over a shared love of veterinary medicine by participating in community outreach with local animal organizations, connecting students with veterinary-related opportunities, and preparing students to apply to veterinary school. All students interested in animals and medicine are welcome, regardless of their major or intentions to attend veterinary school.
Representative: Paige Dull,
Advisor: Dr. Marie Suthers

Psychology and Wellness Club
Mission: To encourage interest in the field of psychology; to provide students with opportunities to share knowledge and research; to build strong relationships and support campus and community well-being.
Representative: Francie Tupper,
Advisor: Dr. Julian Nolan

Running Club
Mission: We strive to provide an enjoyable and positive running experience for runners of all backgrounds and abilities. We promote both physical and mental health through our weekly runs. We hope to use our passion for running to build friendships, provide encouragement, and to get away from the hustle and bustle of college life.
Representative: Peyton Lipp,
Advisor: Dr. Strode

Saints For Life
Mission: This club is a student-led pro-life organization that seeks to create a culture of life at Carroll College with a focus on protecting and promoting the dignity of human life, from conception to natural death.
Representatives: Emily Blote, and Luke Ostberg,
Advisor: Diedre Casey

Saints Swing Dance Society (SSDS)
Mission: Making sure that people have a chance to get to dance the night away instead of grinding away at the clock.
Representatives: Patrick McGowan,
Advisor: Deidre Casey

Special Olympics Club at Carroll College
Mission: As a Unified Champion School and Special Olympics Club our goal is to promote social inclusion through events and activities on and off campus. The main focus is athletics, with other opportunities for student leadership and whole school engagement. We offer routine opportunities to volunteer with Special Olympic athletes and an ability to kickstart inclusive events of your own design. Special Olympics Club intends to offer students with and without intellectual disabilities opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship.
Representative: Cara White,
Advisors: Kathy Gilboy and Annette Ryerson

Spikeball Club
Mission: The mission of the spikeball club is to have fun, play spikeball, and bring a sense of community to Carroll College.
Representative: Iris Hartwig, and Greyson Gold,
Advisor: Fr. Marc Lenneman

Theatre Club
Mission: to foster a unified, safe, and inclusionary culture of enthusiasm and respect amongst its members and within the Carroll College Theatre community. This includes an active effort to encourage and facilitate collaboration between Carroll Theatre and other campus groups or artistic entities, and to help in the financial workings of the Theatre department.
Representatives: Thomas Trangmoe, and Sydney Mammano,
Advisor: Amber Barnes

The Well Club

Mission: to empower the well-being of Carroll College's student body with fun experiences and activities that provide a community among each other. We strive to improve community and mental health. The Well will promote connections among students and support our community not just based on mental health needs but to address barriers to self care.
Representatives: Taylar Foster,
Advisor: Beth Demmons