Leadership Certificate Program

Leadership Certificate

The Carroll Leadership Certificate Program offers a Personal Leadership Certificate to provide pathways for personal growth and development, and offers a range of individual and group leadership skills. The Personal Leadership certificate will provide participants with the opportunity to assess their personal leadership choices and the impact those choices have to build leadership capacity in self and others.

Personal Leadership Learning Goals and Outcomes

  • Participants will gain awareness of their leadership strengths and weaknesses through "Strengths Quest 2.0"
  • Participants will gain understanding of the corresponding Carroll College Core Values and apply these values in daily life in order to increase authentic leadership capacity.
  • Participants will gain understanding of the method for assessing authenticity in one's life choices.
  • Participants will gain awareness of their leadership personality and the impact on others.

Certificate Requirements

The Personal Leadership Certificate will be awarded upon completion of six classes,  including the two required classes, and a minimum of four elective classes. You must also take part in a leadership experience on or off campus which you will write about in your final reflection. Once these requirements are met you will submit a final reflective summary and receive notice of success from the Carroll Leaderhip Certificate Program Director (CLCP) Patrick Harris.

Participants also have the option to earn additional optional Personal Leadership credits that count toward certification by participating in any Institutional Training(s) from the list of Other Personal Leadership Credit Options. (see below)

Getting Started: The Assessment and the First Two Classes

Required: Strength Quest 2.0

You will take the Strength Quest 2.0 Assessment online before attending the first two classes. To get started in the Leadership Program you must sign up to attend the "Understanding Your Strengths" class.  Contact the Carroll Leadership Team at leadership@carroll.edu and email your name and the the class date and time that you plan to attend.  You will be sent an access code and instructions to begin your Strength Finders Assessment.  Once you get your code go to: http://www.strengthsquest.com.  to do your online assessment.

Required: Understanding Your Strengths

This is the first class that you must attend to complete your Personal Leadership certificate.

Course Description: Understand the results of your Strength Finders 2.0 online assessment. In this class we will go over your individual strengths and we will talk about what they mean to you.  The information you receive from the assessment will provide you with a framework for the process of developing a personal leadership model. List of times and dates of this class

Required: Understanding the Strengths of Others

This is the second class that you must attend to continue your Personal Leadership Certificate.

Course Description: On a personal level you must understand the strengths of others to be a good leader.  In this session we will take time to understand the strengths of others and how we might run a group according to the strength of each individual.  You will learn how to recognize the strengths of others and assign responsibilities according to their strengths. 

All other classes from this point can be taken in any order you would like. A list of classes and class times can be found in the left margin under the link "Personal Leadership Classes"

Required: Four optional leadership courses of your choice.

These four classes can be chosen from the list of classes offered in the personal leadership classes.

Course Descriptions will be provided by Carroll faculty and staff for optional leadership classes that help you complete your personal leadership track certificate

New courses and class dates will be updated throughout the 2015-2016 academic year. These courses will help you to apply your sterengths as identified by the Strength Quest 2.0 assessment.

The Personal Leadership Certificate will be awarded upon completion of six classes,  including the two required classes, and a minimum of four elective classes.  You must also take part in a leadership experience on or off campus which you will write about in your final reflection.  Your final reflection will include the following:

  1. How did the Strength Finders program effect a leadership experience that you had on or off campus?
  2. Reflect on the classes you took and what you learned in these classes.
  3. Reflect on your personal experience in regards to the Learning Goals and Outcomes of the Program. 

Submit your final reflective summary to leadership@carroll.edu and receive notice of success from the Carroll Leadership Certificate Program Director (CLCP) Patrick Harris.

Check Your Progress

If you would like to know how many credits you have earned please email Patrick Harris or Rachel Jefferds at leadership@carroll.edu

What classes do I take?

Before you can take the Elective Classes Below, You must do the online assessment and take the "Understanding My Strengths" class and the "Understanding the Strengths of Others" class.  These classes will be offered again at the start of the 2016-17 Fall Semester. For now we ask those students who have started the program to take advantage of the many elective courses we are offering this second semester. We would like to see you finish your leadership certificate program by attending the classes below.

*Please email leadership@carroll.edu to register for any of the classes below so you can receive credit. Keep in mind, once you have signed up for a class, you have an obligation to attend it. If a last minute conflict arises, make sure to send an email regarding the fact you will be no longer attending*

National Leadership Conference Telecast - May 2017

This is a nationwide event; the live event takes place in Atlanta, Georgia, with local video conference events in cities around the country. This is the eighthyear that this conference has been offered in Helena, and our generous supporter has paid for Carroll students to attend every year. Feedback from Carroll students who have attended in the past indicates that the conference is stimulating and very worthwhile.

Patrick Harris has agreed that attendance at this event qualifies toward fulfillment of your Leadership Certificate as long as you write a reflection paper describing what you learn at this event and how it connects with your top five strengths in the Strength Finders Program. It is an all-day event with several speakers. They always have nationally and sometimes internationally known speakers.  The Maximum Impact Simulcast is a one-day leadership event, featuring a premier collective of brilliant minds intent on communicating the art and science of whole leadership. There will be many famous leaders who will speak at the event.

See the website for more information about the speakers.

Merit Badge University Teacher

If you volunteered to teach at Merit Badge University, you may count this as a optional credit as it is a leadership opportunity - A reflection paper is not necessary for this credit.

The choices you make define the leader you become.  And the choices you make are not just about you. They’re about the positive impact you can have on your organization, your community, and beyond. Our world needs everyday leaders who will choose to make it a better place.

Additional Optional Leadership Credit

Have you participated in any of the following trainings? If so, submit a reflection summary to receive one optional Personal Leadership course! [1 training = 1 optional Personal Leadership course]

Approved Optional Personal Leadership Training Course Options:

  • Peer Minister Training
  • Community Living Training
  • Gold Team Ambassadors Training
  • Student Government Training
  • Merit Badge University
  • Leadership Training Workshop or Conference attended