Accessibility Plan

This is the foundational phase in which the College will collect baseline information, create structures and processes to address accessibility issues, and review accessibility issues that have been communicated to the College. The goals and objectives of Phase 1 must culminate in a shift of culture and expectation at Carroll College.

Phase 1

  • Goal 1 - Accuracy of Information
    • Catalogue facility (buildings, parking lots, sidewalks, and other structures) to determine their date of construction, any dates of alterations, and which regulations and/or standards for accessible design (readily accessible, ANSI, UFAS, 1990 ADA, and 2010 ADA) are applicable
    • Map accessible features such as signage, bathrooms, doors, ramps, lifts, elevators, and parking spaces and update campus maps with this information.
  • Goal 2 - Create Structures and Processes
    • Determine funding mechanisms to improve campus accessibility
    • Seek training and technical assistance regarding standards for accessible design
    • Develop a Task Force with membership from College leadership, facilities and grounds, accessibility services staff, faculty, and students to conduct accessibility audits and oversee implementation of accessibility efforts
    • Build a structure for the Task Force to report findings to the President and Cabinet
    • Enhance and update this Accessibility Plan as the College makes progress and identifies new opportunities to improve accessibility
    • Strengthen and update the Accessibility Plan
      • Determine the scope of the Accessibility Plan
      • Create definitions for the Accessibility Plan
      • Identify responsibilities in the Accessibility Plan
      • Seek approval of the Accessibility Plan by the Carroll College Board of Trustees
  • Goal 3 - Review Opportunities to Improve Accessibility
    • Review the student developed audits and findings of Guadalupe Hall and St. Charles
    • Prioritize accessibility issues to be addressed
    • Conduct a Section 504 self-evaluation
    • The College will create a Accessibility Action Plan to address all identified accessibility issues
      • Accessibility issues will be logged and documented as they are discovered, assessed, and prioritized, and addressed over time by the Accessibility Task Force
      • Each entry to the Plan will have:
        • The location of the finding
        • A brief description of the finding
        • A reference to the applicable building standard and to the current building standard
        • The action the College determines is the best way to remedy the problem
        • Estimated cost of remediation
        • The position or department responsible for completing that action
        • A time frame for when the action will occur
        • Date of completion of the remediation
      • Accessibility Action Plan will be reviewed and updated by College leadership on an annual basis

Phase 2

This is the time where the campus moves into active fulfillment of the Strategic Plan, implementation of Accessibility Action Plan, and establishes protocol for ongoing assessment.

  • Goal 1 - Fulfillment of the Strategic Plan
    • The Strategic Plan (still in development) will call for expanding access, diversity, and reach
    • Leverage strategic initiatives and strategic imperatives to align this Accessibility Plan with the Vision of the College
    • Utilize the Strategic Plan to garner funding specifically for improving campus accessibility
    • Conduct focus groups with students, employees, and alumni regarding accessibility
  • Goal 2 - Implementation of the Accessibility Action Plan
    • Access the financial needs associated with addressing areas that are identified in the Accessibility Action Plan
    • Move as swiftly as possible to address priority areas identified in the Accessibility Action Plan
    • Strengthen web presence of accessibility efforts and include a timeline for addressing accessibility concerns
    • Identify the position or department that is responsible for remedying each finding listed on the Accessibility Action Plan
  • Goal 3 - Establish Protocol for Ongoing Assessment
    • Create a roadmap for the Task Force to conduct periodic accessibility audits of Carroll College facilities
    • Seek partnership with organizations, individuals, and entities that can provide technical assistance and training to strengthen the College’s ongoing efforts to address accessibility
    • Develop schedule to audit other aspects of Carroll College such as websites, software, services, policies, and procedures for accessibility; all accessibility findings of with be listed in the Accessibility Action Plan

Phase 3

This is a phase with no set end date or target. The goals and objectives are largely ongoing and persistent.

  • Goal 1 – The Task Force will conduct periodic accessibility audits of facilities
  • Goal 2 – Update the Accessibility Action Plan when accessibility issues have been identified and addressed
  • Goal 3 – Continue to fund accessibility efforts at levels needed to execute the Accessibility Action Plan
  • Goal 4 – Partner with an external entity that has expertise in ADA complianceto review our planning and processes every five years