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The Artaza Center for Excellence in Global Education is dedicated to prepare students to navigate in an increasingly complex and interdependent world with agency and confidence.

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Shannon Ackeret

Artaza Center for Excellence in Global Education

As a liberal arts college, we promise to prepare our students to navigate in an increasingly complex and interconnected world with agency and competence. To make good on this promise, we encourage all of our students to step out of the classroom, and into the world. As a Catholic college and a CRS Global Campus, we are persuaded that we must educate global citizens who will walk in partnership with the poor and marginalized; work to end inequality and poverty; take seriously the stewardship of our earth and environment; and make a firm commitment to tackle and help solve some of the biggest issues of the 21st century.

To achieve this goal, we make every effort to help each Carroll student experience how other people around the world live – what problems do they face, what structures and systems prevent them from having the same luxuries we have, and what can we do to help change social injustices?

Why engage with global issues at Carroll College? Because It’s What Saints Do!

  • Study and Serve Abroad Programs – Our Global Education Office coordinates over 150 exchange programs that allow you to study abroad for a semester or a year in exchange for an international student coming to our campus. Carroll College also sponsors long-term, medium length, and short-term study abroad experiences, including faculty-led travel seminars each year to different destinations. This wide variety of options makes study abroad possible within four years for all students, regardless of major. We also encourage students to consider other types of high-impact, international experiences outside the classroom, including service-learning, undergraduate research and internships as well as our Medicine in Mexico program.
  • On-Campus Global Learning -- Global learning outcomes are part of academic coursework in every discipline. You can also take courses to gain specific global knowledge and skills while you develop cross-cultural behaviors and attitudes. In addition, you will be offered opportunities to learn from international students and speakers through global events like our World on Wednesday series. You are invited to join Engineers Without Borders, Carroll Outreach Team, and the Intercultural Students Network, where together with fellow students you will engage the world.