Center for Innovation in Technology

The Center for Innovation in Technology (CITE)

CITE stands for "The Center for Innovation in Technology," a collaborative workspace housed in Carroll College's Corette Library. The CITE is dedicated to exploring new ways to use technology to improve the delivery of education for 21st century students.  The CITE is also a place where students and professors can learn new techniques and new technologies to incorporate into their academic pursuits.  Staffed with two full-time academic technology specialists, Carroll College students and professors are able to take advantage of experienced mentors when undertaking a project that requires an unfamiliar technology.  Staff will assist students and faculty in producing high-quality digital projects without losing focus on the discipline-specific learning those projects are meant to support.

CITE Support Staff

Dan Case is the Associate Director of Academic Technology at Carroll and the mind behind the Sandbox classroom.  A Carroll graduate, Dan has a variety of experience in academics and technology. He is a certified Extron A/V Specialist, a regular presenter on "getting out from behind the desk" at national conferences, and an all-around nice guy.