Winter Session

This winter, Carroll is offering a variety of classes across several disciplines - at discounted rates!

From 12/27/22 through 1/13/23, course drop requests can be submitted through the web-based Winter Session course drop form. Courses may not be dropped with a "W" grade after 1/10/23.

Catch up or get ahead this winter break!

During the winter break between the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters, Carroll is offering several winter intersession classes in a variety of disciplines that will fulfill Core, major, and/or minor requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What instructional method will be used?
All winter courses will be taught in an online (asynchronous) or remote (synchronous, with a scheduled class time via Zoom) instructional format, for an intensive three-week long session. Students need to ensure they will have an open schedule free from other significant commitments and a high-quality internet connection for the entire duration of the course.

How often will courses meet?
All winter courses will require several hours of work, daily, to include some combination of class meetings, recorded lectures, discussion forums, readings, papers, projects, quizzes and exams, and other assignments. Remote courses will meet every weekday for three hours; an additional several hours each day will be necessary to complete homework. No matter the course format, students should expect to devote multiple hours each day to their 3-credit winter class.

How much will winter courses cost?
Winter courses are technically offered under the umbrella of the Fall 2022 academic semester, but students will be charged an additional tuition rate of $720 per credit (so $2,160 for a 3-credit course), and/or $60 technology fee, plus applicable course fees. While winter courses cost additional tuition, please keep in mind that winter tuition is discounted over 40% from the regular per-credit undergraduate rate.

Will winter courses put me into academic or tuition overload?
As noted above, winter courses are treated separately from regular semester classes for academic and tuition billing reasons; so if a winter session course pushes a student above the 12-19 credit range for full-time undergraduate students, the student will not be charged additional overload tuition on top of the $720 per credit tuition charge for the winter course.

Can I apply financial aid to a winter session course?
Students may be eligible for financial aid in the form of loans (no gift aid available) for winter courses, depending on their circumstances. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at (406) 447-5425 or for more information.

When is winter tuition due?
The tuition charge for the winter course will be charged to your student account bill upon registration, and then payment will be due by December 21, 2022. Winter courses must be dropped by end of business on December 21, 2022 for 100% refund or by December 26, 2022 for 50% refund. On or after December 27th is 0% refund.

Will winter courses count toward athletic eligibility for the spring semester?
Because winter intersession courses are offered under the umbrella of the Fall 2022 academic semester, any credits earned upon completion of these courses and posting of final grades in January can be used as needed toward eligibility determinations for Spring 2023 competitions being held after mid-January. However, students actively competing in a fall sport must stay enrolled full-time (12+ credits) in regular fall semester courses (not including winter!) to retain eligibility for fall competitions. Please consult with your coach or email the registrar's office at for more information.

How do I search for Winter Session courses?
All winter courses are listed under the 2022WN term.

Can I complete an internship during Winter Session?
Academic internships will not be allowed during the 2022-2023 Winter Session, due to the compressed nature of the timeframe; the typical internship minimum length is 8 weeks, to ensure an equal and consistent application of learning throughout the experience. Academic credit for Spring 2023 Internships must begin no earlier than January 18, 2023. Please see the Academic Internship Proposal Process or connect with Career Services with additional questions.

    2022-23 Winter Session Course List

    Winter Session Dates

    One intensive, three-week long session is available:  Dec 26, 2022 - Jan 13, 2023

    Registration Instructions

    If you need instructions in order to register for winter classes, please select an option below.

    Carroll students, visit your Student Planning account to view available winter courses and register

    Visiting students and auditors, follow these steps to register:

    • Check out the Class Schedule to view the full list of available courses
    • Under Term, select 2022WN and select Search. The initial list will display the available courses and their descriptions.
    • Select the View Available Sections drop-down arrow to see more detailed information about each offering. For even more details, select the title of the course.
    • Complete the Non-Degree Application and Registration Form.

    Financial Information

    Winter session has special payment and refund dates, so please pay special attention to the relevant payment and refund deadlines and cost of attendance information.

    Students interested in applying Financial Aid to the winter session should contact the Financial Aid Office for more information about eligibility requirements at (406) 447-5425 or

    Winter Session Academic and Payment Policies for Undergraduates

    • Once registration opens, courses may be added through the first day of class on December 26, 2022.
    • Payment for winter courses is due the Wednesday before classes begin, on December 21; winter courses must be dropped by end of business on Wednesday, December 21 for a 100% refund.
    • From December 22, 2022 through the first day of class on December 26, 2022, courses may be dropped for a 50% refund and without a "W" grade.
    • Beginning December 27, 2022, students will receive a "W" grade for dropping a course and no refunds will be issued.
    • Students may continue to drop with a "W" grade through January 10, 2023.

    Consumer Information

    Visit our Consumer Information webpage for links to the Carroll Consumer Information Directory, the college's annual Consumer Information Disclosure Notice, and further information about Carroll College policies, disclosures, and reports.