Psychology Major or Minor

Psychology at Carroll College

The Field
One of the things that characterizes the study of psychology is the breadth of professional settings in which it can ultimately be applied. For students like you, that means exciting opportunities to take your interest and intrigue in studying human and/or animal mental processes and behavior on a career path most suited to your individual aspirations and goals in life. More than anything, the field of psychology is concentrated on improving the human condition. It takes individuals who are passionate about blending the intellect and thorough understanding of the science involved, with compassion and a desire to help others.

The Program
The psychology program delivers a vibrant, active, engaging learning experience within a department that is as closely-knit as any other on campus. You’ll be guided by fun, enthusiastic, accomplished faculty who truly embrace their roles as mentor to their students. In addition to studying the major theories, methodologies, applications, and databases used by psychologists, students also develop essential skills in communication and critical thinking. Small group projects will enable you to bond with fellow students, and you’ll find regular opportunities to take your learning experience beyond the classroom through research, practicums, experiential learning in mental health service organizations, and the activities of Psi Chi and the Psychology Club.

Why Psychology at Carroll?
Studying psychology at Carroll offers distinctive opportunities that have the power to distinguish you in the eyes of employers and graduate schools. You may take advantage of opportunities to study abroad in India, experience road trips to the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association conferences, and the kind of personal advising and guidance that can only happen in a smaller, personalized academic setting like you’ll find here. Our students also benefit from an array of internship opportunities to apply knowledge and sharpen their skills at places like Shodair Children’s Hospital, Youth Dynamics Inc., and the Helena Police Department.


Read what our students are saying about the Psychology program at Carroll College.

What our students are saying

"Because it is AWESOME! Students develop numerous skills such as counseling practice, writing scientific papers, and running participants in research labs. I deeply feel that I am ready for the next stage in life after going through the psychology program at Carroll College and I'm excited for what is to come. Come and join our psychology family here at Carroll!" -Hannah Lesnick, Kent, WA (Class of 2021)

"Any degree can prepare you for a career, but a degree in psychology prepares you for a career while shaping the way you think. Learning these lessons doesn't just help for a career; developing these characteristics helps psychology students to have a healthy, happy life". -Anna Wurzer, Fargo, ND (Class of 2021)

"If you are interested in psychology at all, you MUST take psychology courses at Carroll College. Not only are the available courses diverse and fascinating, the professors teach with such a passion and utilize their broad range of experience and knowledge to provide the best education experience possible. The faculty within the psychology department will do anything to ensure their students are set up for success.The Psychology Department is by far the best educational program offered at Carroll College." -Sarah Swingley, Helena MT, (Class of 2021-Winter)

"A student at Carroll should choose to study psychology because it is applicable to everything we do. In every profession, people work with people and I think that a layer of understanding and empathy comes from learning about how people think. Even just a psych minor can be so beneficial to any major." -Payten Somes, Spokane WA, (Class of 2022)

The Possibilities
Career options for graduates of the psychology program are, in a word, boundless. Every year we hear back from our alumni who tell us that our carefully designed curriculum, caring and supportive faculty, distinctive opportunities, and diocesan Catholic mission prepares them very well for the road ahead. Graduates of the program consistently gain acceptance into respected graduate programs at places like Pacific University, the University of Montana, and the University of Oregon. And you’ll be prepared for a career anything from mental health counseling, community service, social services, and substance abuse services, to advertising, sales, college admissions, public relations, law enforcement, or teaching.