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Psychology at Carroll College

Psychology at Carroll College
Psychology at Carroll College
Psychology at Carroll College

Psychology at Carroll College

Why Psychology at Carroll?
The Psychology Department at Carroll College is truly unique. Characterized by small class sizes, specialized faculty members, and hands-on learning, our program simultaneously encourages academic excellence and life-changing experiences. Here, you can learn to rock climb and paddleboard in Montana’s only Experiential/Adventure Therapy course, earn a career-defining Neuroscience Minor, and build lifelong friendships through participation in our highly-active Psychology Club. Or perhaps you’ll Study Abroad in India, Japan, or Norway; road-trip with peers and faculty members to prestigious national conferences; and/or spend your weekends kayaking with the Carroll Adventure and Mountaineering Program. Finally, our departmental emphasis on High-Impact Practices means that you'll be encouraged to conduct publishable research and complete a prestigious internship with nationally-recognized organizations like Shodair Children’s Hospital, Intermountain, Youth Dynamics, and Florence Crittenton Home

At Carroll, the future is yours to choose. And because our Psychology Department is well-integrated and close-knit, you’ll make your decisions alongside encouraging peers and with the support of enthusiastic faculty members who care deeply about your future and your well-being. You'll learn meaningful topics in exciting ways, eventually leaving our program with both the expertise and the life experience to secure the career - and life - that you deserve. 

See below for further information, and for student testimonials about the unique strengths of our program and experiences. 


Read what our students are saying about the Psychology program at Carroll College.

The Possibilities 
The field of psychology is characterized by opportunities to make a real difference in the world, and offers a variety of avenues for doing so. Whether you choose to change lives via clinical work, conduct cutting-edge research, or consult with large organizations, you’ll graduate with a sought-after expertise that elegantly combines science and human service in order to strengthen the human condition. Graduates of our program consistently earn acceptance into respected graduate programs like Pacific University, the University of Montana, and the University of Oregon, and identify their time at Carroll as integral to both their graduate school and professional successes. But more importantly, our students describe their time at Carroll as empowering them to change the world. 

Should you choose to join us, you’ll leave here prepared for a career in anything from mental health and substance use treatment, to advertising, sales, human resources, public relations, law enforcement, or teaching. In other words, you’ll leave here with the tools to make a difference, and with the expertise necessary to ensure that you are well-paid for doing so.

What our students are saying

"Because it is AWESOME! Students develop numerous skills such as counseling practice, writing scientific papers, and running participants in research labs. I deeply feel that I am ready for the next stage in life after going through the psychology program at Carroll College and I'm excited for what is to come. Come and join our psychology family here at Carroll!" -Hannah Lesnick, Kent, WA (Class of 2021)

"Any degree can prepare you for a career, but a degree in psychology prepares you for a career while shaping the way you think. Learning these lessons doesn't just help for a career; developing these characteristics helps psychology students to have a healthy, happy life". -Anna Wurzer, Fargo, ND (Class of 2021)

"If you are interested in psychology at all, you MUST take psychology courses at Carroll College. Not only are the available courses diverse and fascinating, the professors teach with such a passion and utilize their broad range of experience and knowledge to provide the best education experience possible. The faculty within the psychology department will do anything to ensure their students are set up for success.The Psychology Department is by far the best educational program offered at Carroll College." -Sarah Swingley, Helena MT, (Class of 2021-Winter)

"A student at Carroll should choose to study psychology because it is applicable to everything we do. In every profession, people work with people and I think that a layer of understanding and empathy comes from learning about how people think. Even just a psych minor can be so beneficial to any major." -Payten Somes, Spokane WA, (Class of 2022)