Pre-Professional Pathways

Pre-Professional Pathways at Carroll College

Some people are simply born to heal. Whether it’s working with humans or animals, the desire to ease pain and empower healthy living is what draws them to the fields of medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine. To truly thrive in these professions, it takes more than knowledge and an understanding of the science involved. It takes the well-rounded perspective of a liberal arts learning experience, so that you’ll better understand the issues affecting your patients from all angles. And it takes the kind of compassion that’s at the heart of a diocesan Catholic learning mission.    

The Pathways
Everyone’s academic journey is unique. Many students who come to Carroll know exactly the career path that’s best for them, and the kind of academic programs that will help put them on that path. These are the students for whom our pre-professional pathways in these fields are designed to serve.

Most students interested in these pathways major in either biology or chemistry, but it’s not required. Pre-medicine and pre-dentistry students take courses in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and English. Pre-medicine students also cover such areas as sociology and psychology. For certain students, a three-year curriculum is possible, as well.

Courses for pre-veterinary medicine students include biology, chemistry, genetics, calculus, physics, statistics, and the humanities.

Why Study at Carroll?
Our reputation for preparing students for entry into graduate school and successful careers in medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine is very tough to match. For example, our pre-medicine students are consistently accepted into medical school at a rate of 85 percent—far higher than the national average of less than 50 percent. Our rich liberal arts foundation and dioscesan Catholic mission add the kind of depth and character to your experience that graduate schools are looking for in applicants.

The Possibilities
Graduates of these pathways at Carroll achieve amazing things and are accepted into some of the finest graduate programs in the region, and the country. Recent pre-medicine and pre-dentistry students have been accepted into their respective graduate programs at the University of Washington, Mayo Medical School, Georgetown University, University of Colorado, University of Iowa, and Penn State University, among others. And our pre-veterinary medicine students have moved on to places like Colorado State University, Washington State University, and Oregon State University.