Study French from the Rockies to the Alps. Whether here in Montana or abroad in France, you’ll learn to think critically as a global citizen by studying the multitude of cultures that make up the Francophone world.

French and Francophone Studies at Carroll College

The Program

At Carroll College, we want our students to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to enter the workforce as globally engaged and responsible citizens. Our French courses teach students to become critical thinkers and global citizens by learning about the multitude of cultures that make up the Francophone world. With French and Francophone studies, students learn to read, write, and think critically about primary source resources pulled from disciplines as varied as history, political science, and literature, and receive extensive training in how to apply these critical thinking skills to oral presentations and to their future careers.

Why Take Courses in French at Carroll?

In French courses at Carroll, students learn how to engage with other cultures, how to communicate in a second language, and how to critically evaluate the world around them from multiple disciplinary perspectives. Students learn about the history of differing world cultures, about the current political dynamics in the world, and about the poetics and aesthetics of many different countries and groups. This interdisciplinary approach to language learning allows students to enter the workforce with a broad range of skills and understanding to offer potential employers, whether in local, national, or international settings. Students have the opportunity to expand their knowledge through supervised independent undergraduate research, or through study abroad.

Study Abroad Scholarships

Want to study one of the Romance languages? French is an official language in 29 countries, but you can immerse yourself in the culture where the language first developed—amidst the beautiful scenery of France. Whether you want a quick trip or a full semester abroad, we have options for making the life-changing experience more affordable.

The brand new Carroll in France scholarship is available to first-year students interested in studying abroad in France, whether or not they are a French major. Up to six students will be awarded a scholarship, which covers the following study abroad costs to France in May or June of 2021 (trip is typically 28 days):

  • Carroll tuition for three summers, study abroad credits
  • Transportation from Paris to Étretat in Normandy (airfare from U.S. to Europe not included)
  • Homestays with families
  • Learning experiences led by Carroll College faculty

Current students can complete the application for the scholarship. Not enrolled at Carroll? Get started by filling out this form.

Want to spend a full semester abroad studying French? Carroll students in the French and Francophone Studies Program can study at the Université Catholique de l’Ouest in Angers, France. To receive one of up to five $1,000 scholarships awarded each year, students must:

  • Spend a semester or a year at Carroll’s partner university, the Université Catholique de l’Ouest (UCO)
  • Display a commitment to global education and engagement prior to departure
  • Upon return, be an advocate for foreign language study, intercultural awareness, and studying abroad

Thinking about a full semester in France? Get the full scholarship information. Or to get started at Carroll, fill out the form today.

The Possibilities

Carroll French courses are designed to prepare you well for a wide range of employments; the possibilities are endless! Students have gone on to medical school, or Masters and Ph.D. programs in fields as varied as Education, Speech Therapy, International Relations, Museum Studies, and Counseling, and others have found employment at the ACLU, the Peace Corps, and the University of Montana.