Fine Arts Minor

Fine Arts at Carroll College

At Carroll students are encouraged to be well-rounded individuals who have a wide variety of interests and experiences. All students must take 3 credits of Fine Arts but there are many more options for those wishing to expand their knowledge of the arts. The Fine Arts department includes music, art and theatre, and the opportunities are abundant as you never know what you might fall in love with.

Students may also obtain a Fine Arts minor at Carroll that focuses on all three disciplines.

Our Purpose

Our goal is to give students a greater appreciation for music, art, and theatre as important forms for self-expression. We provide quality instruction to challenge and enrich all student through fine arts study.

What can you do after studying fine arts?

  • Acting on Broadway
  • Acting in Hollywood and other film locations
  • Acting many other places around the country.
  • Stage combatant and choreographer.
  • Professional stage managers and production managers
  • Producers/Directors/Playwrights
  • Theatrical riggers
  • Film consultants and researchers
  • Special Events coordinators
  • Teachers: elementary, high school and college
  • Entertainment technology sales
  • Technical Directors and Designers
  • Scenic Artists
  • Sing in college, church or community choirs
  • Play the piano to accompany other musicians