Fine Arts

Fine Arts at Carroll College

At Carroll students are encouraged to be well-rounded individuals who have a wide variety of interests and experiences. All students must take 3 credits of Fine Arts but there are many more options for those wishing to expand their knowledge of the arts. The Fine Arts department includes music, art and theatre. You can learn anything from how to play the piano to how to make a ceramic pot. The opportunities are abundant and you never know what you might fall in love with.

Students may also obtain a Fine Arts minor at Carroll that focuses on all three disciplines.

Our Purpose

Our goal is to give students a greater appreciation for music, art, and theatre as important forms for self-expression. We provide quality instruction to challenge and enrich all student through fine arts study.

Student Learning Outcomes:

• Students will broaden their range of interest in and understanding of music.

• Students will achieve growth in musical skills and knowledge.

• Students will have experiences in music that enhance creativity.

• Students will gain exposure to a variety of aesthetics, approaches and concepts in music that will enhance appreciation of music as an art form.

    Minor in Fine Arts Requirements 

    Twenty-one semester credits, including:

    I. Three courses chosen from the following:

    • ART 110 Art Appreciation
    • MUS 109 Keyboard Musicianship 1
      • or MUS 125 Voice 1
      • or MUS 261 Music Appreciation
    • THT 118 Theatre Appreciation
      • or THT 111 Introduction to Acting 

    II. Twelve additional Fine Arts credits from at least two different disciplines (art, music, theatre):
    Note: No more than six credits of practicum, Applied Music, Choir or Jazz Band can count towards the minor.

    III. Recommended Core Course

    • PHIL 255 Philosophy of Art and Beauty 

    Note: Credits earned for this minor will not count towards a separate Music or Theatre minor.