Ethics and Value Studies Minor

Program Overview

How does ethics connect with our lives, professional and otherwise? How are ethical actions possible in business, the hospital, or concerning the environment? What are the deeper issues underlying the subject of ethics itself? Ethics and Values Studies minors consider these issues, and others of practical and theoretical relevance to how we live our lives and interact with others. A novel and somewhat unique minor, Ethics and Value Studies has been developed at Carroll as an interdisciplinary study, overseen by the Philosophy Department. Its emphasis is on the critical and in-depth study of ethics and morality, as well as the extended study of other areas that involve values as a standard of judgment, and affect our application of ethical judgments.

Students in this program will develop a better understanding of ethics and values in all aspects of human life, and be better prepared for careers in ethics, and any other area.

Three goals

The minor in Ethics and Values Studies acknowledges three goals for its program of study:

  1. Introduce students to the discussion of the ultimate truth and ultimate good;
  2. Bring students to an awareness of the role of ethics and values in many areas of personal and social endeavor; and,
  3. Move students toward ethical decision-making in all areas of social interaction.


Even though it isn't focused on training specific to a career, Ethics and Values Studies is excellent preparation for any profession or career. Excellent preparation for graduate studies in ethics and ministry, and careers such as ethicists, hospital chaplains, ethics/compliance officers.