English at Carroll College

What to Expect

Students completing an English major at Carroll College will have:

  • an understanding of the basic knowledge, concepts, and critical theories of the major field;
  • the critical thinking skills needed for generating and analyzing both literary and expository texts;
  • an ability to read, speak, and write in a second language;
  • the writing and speaking skills needed to communicate effectively in the field; and
  • an understanding of cross-cultural issues.

The major programs of study offer sound preparation for graduate study in literature, languages, or writing. In addition, it is possible for a student to design a program to prepare for studying law or for entering a career in journalism, public relations, public information, or communications. Seniors may choose to gain practical experience by completing a Career Internship in the local community.

Students Learning Outcomes

Students completing this major will

  1. demonstrate close critical reading by speaking about literature clearly and persuasively;
  2. demonstrate close critical reading by writing essays that are engaging, clear, and supported by primary and secondary research;
  3. be familiar with major texts and contexts of United States, British, and Global literatures;
  4. be familiar with major theories in linguistics and literary criticism; • create literary works;
  5. learn about another culture by speaking, reading, and writing in a language other than English;
  6. apply skills of close reading, writing, literary analysis and research in a variety of real world experiences.

Life after Graduation

Carroll English graduates are currently at work in the following fields, among others:

  • Advertising
  • Editing
  • Freelance Writing
  • Fiction Writing
  • Graduate Studies in English and Creative Writing
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Librarian
  • Masters In Business Administration
  • Poetry
  • Public Relations
  • Publishing
  • Speech Therapy
  • Teaching Middle School
  • Teaching High School
  • Technical Writing