Engineering Science

Carroll students testing soil samples in the Civil Engineering Lab

Engineering for Life: Engineering Science at Carroll

The Field

The range of options available to engineering graduates is greater than most people imagine. Engineering is a dynamic field at the cutting edge of bringing science and mathematics to solve real-world problems. Among the many benefits of pursuing a career in engineering is the broad spectrum of specialties from which you can choose.

The Program

The Engineering Science program at Carroll College is designed to respond to the diverse interests and desires of our students. In this program, you customize an engineering curriculum to suit your own personal interests and career objectives with guidance and support from experienced program advisors. Your studies in Engineering Science will be rigorous and technical and will challenge you to define the kind of engineer you want to be.  Here are some possibilities:

  • Select a mechanics emphasis to prepare for a professional career in mechanical engineering,  in aeronautical/aerospace engineering, in environmental engineering, in biomedical engineering, or in structural analysis and design.
  • Pursue expertise in global community development.
  • Concentrate your studies in public health and the environment.
  • Add a program toward a professional certificate in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) or in Project Management.
  • Add a minor of your choice in mathematics, in a language, in a science, in business, or in one of the many other academic areas at Carroll.

The possibilities are endless. Following are some curriculum templates that you can use to help design your own personal Engineering Science curriculum.

  • BS Engineering Science with an Emphasis in Mechanics
  • BS Engineering Science with an Emphasis in Public Health and the Environment
  • BS Engineering Science (with maximum number of free electives)

You do not need to follow any of these, but you can view some four-year plans that will guide you toward an Engineering Science degree. Working with your faculty advisor, you will customize your own personal Engineering Science curriculum.

The Possibilities

Carroll Engineering Science graduates are in high demand. They get engineering jobs, start their own businesses, become leaders in their professions, join international service organizations, and are accepted to top notch graduate schools. With a Carroll BS in Engineering Science, you can enjoy a rewarding professional career in service to people - Carroll Engineering is engineering for life.