Arts Management and Administration

Arts Management and Administration at Carroll

Question:  How do I combine my love of the Arts with my desire for a career in Business or Communications?

Answer:  Minor in Arts Management and Administration!

Life After Graduation

This minor can be your start to some wonderful career choices. How do these jobs sound?

  • Executive Director
  • Mangaging Director
  • Director of Marketing and Outreach
  • Development and Communications Director
  • Director of Performing Arts
  • Finance Director
  • House/Event Manger
  • Opera & Ballet Executive Administrator

Minor Program Requirements

Twenty-four semester credits consisting of the following:

One course from any three of the four Fine Arts disciplines is required. The following courses are suggestions: (9 credits)

  • ART 120 and 121 - Art History
  • MUS - MUS 109 Keyboard Musicianship I, MUS 125 Voice I
  • THT - THT 118 Theatre Appreciation, THT 111 Introduction to Acting, THT 121 Stagecraft I

Plus the following course in Arts Management: (3 credits):  

  • ART 425 Fine Arts Internship   

The following courses are required in Business Administration & Communications (12 credits):  

  • BA 228 Introduction to NonProfit Organizations  (3 credits)
  • BA 306 Marketing (3 credits) or BA 375 Fundamentals of Management (3 credits)
  • CO215-216 Introduction to Public Relations:  Theory & Practice (6 credits)