Minor in Anthropology

The Anthropology minor is a multidisciplinary program offered through the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. It emphasizes a more inclusive view of human experience and human endeavor through time. The required courses follow the traditional four “legs” of anthropology.

Student Learning Outcomes

In pursuing this program, students will:

  1. Come to understand anthropological core concepts and theory Majors and Minors—Anthropology 103
  2. Discover an awareness of human diversity and how diversity is often adaptable
  3. View human behavior through biological/evolutionary models
  4. Apply anthropological concepts to global problems
  5. Understand the structure and history of global social systems
  6. Apply information and methods used in class to comprehend global, local and individual viewpoints
  7. Learn anthropological approaches to the study of human biology as it interacts with culture
  8. Use critical and investigative thinking skills

Minimum Program Requirements
Anthropology courses cross-listed with sociology and taken for the minor cannot be counted toward the requirements for the minor in sociology. However, anthropology courses cross-listed with sociology taken for the anthropology minor may count toward a major in sociology.

Twenty-one semester credits including:

Core Courses

Students must take the following courses (6 credits):

  • SO331 Research Methods (or equivalent)
  • AN499 Capstone Thesis (2 credit project)

Student must take two of the following courses (6 credits):

  • AN/SO204 Cultural Anthropology
  • AN/SO245 Physical Anthropology
  • LL220 Linguistics
  • AN/SO318 Archaeology of North America

Elective Courses

Students must take three of the following courses or any other core options listed above (9 credits). At least one of these courses must be upper division (300 and 400 level):

  • SO200 Social Problems
  • ES205 Human Ecology 
  • AN/SO208 The Family
  • AN/SO218 Introduction to Native American Studies
  • SO225 Sociology of Gender
  • AN/SO317 Ethnic and Racial Relations
  • AN341 Archaeological Field School
  • CO325 Intercultural Communication
  • CO420 Globalization, Gender and Communication

Or other course chosen with the anthropology advisor, Dr. Lauri Travis.