Faculty Accomplishments

Carroll College Faculty Accomplishments 2017–2018

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The idiom "it goes without saying" comes to mind when one sits down to write an introduction for a booklet of this kind. It is tempting to begin, for instance, by acknowledging it goes without saying that Carroll's faculty are dedicated, caring, productive, and smart. It is likewise reasonable to assert that it goes without saying that their work with our students and their service to their academic societies helps to steer and power the college. Yet sometimes, despite what is widely known and well understood, it is best to say the obvious and to celebrate the extra and the extraordinary undertakings of a group of individuals such as this one. This is most certainly one of those times.

The 2017-18 Faculty Accomplishments Brochure offers a wonderful snapshot of the faculty's scholarly activities, each of which represents months, years, and, in some instances, decades of dedication. As a whole, the list of publications and artistic productions underscores the amazing range of interests and expertise of our faculty.

This booklet also provides an accounting of the impressive number places faculty visited when participating in conferences and forums, and it enumerates a long list of grants won this past academic year, underlining in this regard the resourceful nature of our teacher-scholars. And while some of the grants are significant and highly competitive and some smaller and easier to obtain, each is equally valuable for the ways it allows our professors time and funds needed to expand their scholarship and their network and, by extension, the experiences of Carroll's students.

What this booklet does not and, perhaps, cannot capture are the many and profound accomplishments of our faculty that occur on the margins, with and for their students. Those instances when students need more time, more understanding, more challenge, more feedback, or more or less of anything else not listed on the course syllabus, the faculty provide what is beyond necessary. They thus enable the success of our students as rising professionals and their growth as individuals.

Finally, it goes without saying that this brochure and many of the remarkable undertakings delineated here would not be possible without the support and dedication of the Faculty Development Committee. To them and to all to others at Carroll who made this year and these accomplishments possible, I offer my sincerest thanks and deepest gratitude.

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