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Counseling Services

What is counseling?

Counseling is a process that involves the development of a trusting, confidential professional relationship that focuses on personal problems.  At Carroll, it is an opportunity for you to talk with a counselor who is objective and is a skilled listener for the purpose of helping you clarify issues; gain insight into your thinking, feeling, and behaving; and mutually developing a plan to accomplish your goals.

Why counseling?

Almost all students experience difficulties from time to time that can interfere with their success or sense of well-being. Some of the issues often encountered are, but are not limited to, relationships, stress, depression, sleep difficulties, anxiety, eating issues, thoughts about death or suicide, sexual/gender identity concerns, low self-confidence, sexual trauma, making life decisions and many more. Professional assistance is available to help you navigate the obstacles successfully.

TAKE A CONFIDENTIAL, ONLINE SCREENING to help you decide if you could benefit from counseling.

Who can receive counseling?

Counseling is offered to all Carroll students free of charge, and all sessions are confidential. (Your privacy is protected by Montana State Code/Law.)

When is counseling offered?

Our normal office hours are Monday-Friday, from 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM. We are closed for lunch from noon to 1:00 PM. You can ask for the first available appointment time or specifically for one of our three counselors. Emergency cases are seen the very same day. (For after-hours emergencies contact the On-Call Community Living Hall Director @ 406-459-0540.)

How do I make an appointment?

Call our Office Manager @ 406-447-5441 to schedule an appointment that works for you. Making your first appointment can take a lot of courage, but give counseling a try... a lot of students do. 

Where is counseling services?

We are located in the Wellness Center in the basement of the freshman residence hall, Guadalupe Hall.


CLICK HERE to take a confidential, online screening to see if you may be having symptoms of an emotional health issue. 

A screening is NOT a diagnosis, but it can help you decide if you might need professional help.



What Students Are Saying About Counseling Services

The Student Life Annual Survey is administered each spring as an online survey. This year we had 514 students of 1400 students enrolled for spring 2010 submit responses. Read the survey results.

2010 Student Life Annual Survey

From your experience, are the counselors in counseling Services readily available for Carroll students? 

No- 3.5%
Unable to Evaluate-51.3%

Please rate how valuable you believe Counseling Services contributes to the quality of life on campus?

43.1%-Highly Valuable
28.3% Somewhat Valuable
8.1%-Somewhat Lacking Value
2.7% Highly Lacking Value
17.8% Unable to Evaluate

If you received assistance from Counseling Services, how would you describe the helpfulness of the counselor?

21.9%-Very Helpful
8.7%-Somewhat Helpful
2.1%-Somewhat Unhelpful
1.1%-Very Unhelpful
66.2%- Unable to Evaluate

Additional Comments from Counseling Services Satisfaction Survey students:

  • I needed somebody to talk to that was removed from my situation. It was very helpful to have someone to listen.
  • My counselor was always there for me and event met with me over the summer when we were in town. I fee llike that shows amazing dedication, care, and compassion for their students/clients.
  • Mike has always been super helpful in letting me communicate problems and stressors in my life. He works with my schedule and it’s a great experience.
  • Megan was amazing; she was very insightful and offered a valuable perspective. The whole process was very helpful.
  • I've been to both Megan and Mike and they both listen and give feedback on how to improve. Also, they gave stages to work with rather than giving a lot of things to try to master at once.
  • My counselor provided a high level of attention and time to help me solve my problems.

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