Carroll College, Helena Montana

Campus Security

Campus Security

Carroll College contracts with a private security company, Securitas, to provide security officers who patrol the campus grounds, buildings and parking lots to safeguard the Carroll community and property. Security officers patrol the campus from 7pm-7am, seven days a week, during the academic year, and on a variable schedule during the semester breaks and summer months. In addition, a parking patrol officer monitors campus parking and roads from 7am-3pm, weekdays. Securitas patrol officers also assist Helena Police at Nelson Stadium for home football games.

Carroll College expects Securitas officers to observe and report any incidents of behavior that violate college policies, federal and state laws, or city ordinances. Patrol officers are expected to document incidents and to identify both witnesses and participants in their incident reports. Securitas officers have the authority to contact Helena Police or Helena Fire for assistance with an incident or to request an ambulance.

Campus Safety

Carroll College strives to provide a safe and secure environment for its students, faculty, staff, and visitors. While instances of criminal activity on campus are rare, the college is not immune to crime and cannot assure or guarantee a crime-free living or working environment.

Carroll College promotes a proactive approach to campus safety. The members of this campus community are expected to actively participate in making the college a safe and healthy living and learning environment. Faculty, staff and students are asked to report unusual or unexpected situations to the college. Reports can be made to Maureen Ward, Director of Community Living, at 406.447.4378 or  ; Butch Biskupiak, Director of Facilities, at 406.447.5420 or ; or Dr. Jim Hardwick, Vice President for Student Life, at 406.447.4530 or .

The college benefits from a community whose members truly care about one another. By watching and remaining alert to our surroundings, we can work to maintain a safe environment and identify dangerous and unsafe practices or facilities. Please contact the Student Life Office in 208 O'Connell Hall, or at 406.447.5457, if you have questions or suggestions regarding campus safety.

Safe Practices

In the 2010 Student Life Annual Survey, Carroll students were asked which safe practices have become a part of your life at Carroll College. Respondents were able to check any and all practices. Their responses indicated:

82.9%   Lock vehicle doors
82.4%   Keep money and keys out of view
69.9%   Limit personal information posted on-line
68.2%   Use a designated driver whe drinking alcohol
54.9%   Lock room doors
53.3%   Attend/leave parties with friends, not alone
48.4%   Walk in lighted areas
42.2%   Do not open locked building doors for strangers
36.9%   Walk with others, not alone
35.9%   End unhealthy relationships
30.8%   Discuss boundaries for physical intimacy

Suggestions for Improvement

Please forward any suggestions for improvement of campus security or campus safety to Dr. Jim Hardwick, Vice President for Student Life,  or 406.447.4530; Maureen Ward, Director of Community Living,  or 406.447.4378; or Butch Biskupiak, Director of Facilities, or 406.447.5420.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Carroll College
406.461.7611   Securitas Patrol Officer
406.459.0540   On-Call Community Living 406.446.4524   Sexual Safety Educator

City of Helena
911 or 9-911     Emergency Services
406.442.3233   Helena Police
406.444.2150   St. Peter's Hospital
406.442.6800   Friendship Center

Crime Statistics

The Student Right-To-Know Act, which was renamed The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act in 1998, mandates that institutions of higher education publish an annual report which is made available to both current and prospective students and employees of the occurrences of specific crimes on the campus. In addition, the institution must report the number of arrests for liquor law violations, drug use/abuse violations and weapon violations. Click here to read about Carroll College's security and crime reports.

Matter of the Law

It's true! When a law is broken on campus, the Helena Police Department is contacted. Securitas officers will call the Helena Police to request an officer to come to campus to address violations of law. This includes underage drinking, theft, false fire alarms, and much more.