Carroll College, Helena Montana

Building Evacuation

Building Evacuation

The four steps of evacuation are:

1.  Evacuate
2.  Assenble
3.  Account
4.  Report Ability to Assist Others

The policy of Carroll College is that all occupants will evacuate the building immediately in the event of activation of the fire alarm system or other means of notication. Employees, students and guests will evacuate using the closest available marked exit. When an employee is away from their assigned work area, they will evacuate the building using the same route as the employees in that location. Do not return to your work area.

Important factors to remember are:

  • If anything suspicious is noted, report this information immediately to an Emergency Response Team member.
  • Do not touch or handle anything suspicious.
  • Walk as fast as possible, but do not run.
  • Do not return to your work area or residence to retrieve personal items.
  • Help those who need assistance.
  • If the closest exit is unavialble, use next nearest exit.
  • After evacuating the building, immediately move to the assembly area.

If the designated assembly area for the building is unavailable, please use the Campus Center Main Lounge as the primary assembly area. The secondary assembly area will be located in the PE Center Lobby. All employees are required to remain at the assembly location until instructed otherwise.

Assembly Locations

Carroll College employees, students and guest may be asked to evacuate a building. If so, please evacuate the building to the designated assembly location for the building. Report any missing individuals to the Building Action Team Coordinator.

Building Assembly Area
Anthrozoology House Trinity Hall, Main Lounge
Borromeo Hall Campus Center, Upper Lounge
Campus Apartments Fortin Science Center, Schola Lounge
Campus Center Trinity Hall, Main Lounge
Campus Houses Campus Center, Upper Lounge
Civil Engineering Fortin Science Center, Scola Lounge
Corette Library Guad Hall, Main Lounge
Guad Hall PE Center, Lobby
Nelson Stadium PE Center, Lobby
O'Connell Hall Campus Center, Upper Level
PE Center Nelson Stadium, Concessions Area
ROTC House Trinty Hall, Lounge
Simperman Hall Campus Center, Upper Level
St. Albert Fall Corette Library, Main Floor
St. Charles Hall Campus Center, Upper Level
Trinity Hall Campus Center, Upper Level
Waterbarn Fortin Science Center, Scola Lounge